An Ode To The Best Summer

September 23, 2018

As today marks the first day of autumn, I’ve decided to reflect on what has been one of the busiest but the best summers of my life. I love writing posts like this and looking back on them years later and reliving the memories once again and as a travel blogger as well, sometimes it’s nice to have a round up of posts from the year.

If you’re a follower of my blog, you will know most of what I’ve been up to as I’ve been documenting most of it on here on my Weekly Love posts, with the odd post dedicated to my travels or where I’ve eaten thrown in for good measure. 2018 has been a crazy year for me with all kinds of life and career changes but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I never thought that summer was my favourite season, but this year it’s been different; with the very welcome heatwave that lasted three months, the country coming together for the world cup and more trips than I’ve ever had before, it’s been one to remember for all of the right reasons.

Firstly, let’s rewind all the way back to April: I celebrated that it was one year until our wedding, found my wedding dress and visited Eindhoven with two of my good friends, which you can read about here and where to eat here. The warmer weather definitely started in April, and it felt as though we were in for a good summer.

What better month is there than May with the two bank holidays? We visited Warwick on the first one with Oakman Inns Group and the second in Amsterdam with The Wittenberg and had the incredible weather for both trips, which made them even more special.

In June, I celebrated my birthday weekend at Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat and was treated to a day spa trip to Oxley’s Day Spa both in the Lake District, and it was lovely to relax for a whole weekend and barely pick up my phone. In an extreme change of pace, I visited Dubai the week after to stay with a friend for 4 days, which was a crazy busy trip, but incredible.

July was a crazy month as I started my new job and began working from home, just after I came back from Sardinia for a pre-hen do trip with my friend Emily before she set sail for her travels around South East Asia. We ate incredible food and drank amazing wine and reminisced about all the memories throughout our 17 years of friendship.

We spent the first weekend of August celebrating Jordan’s birthday in Cologne, which is such a beautiful German city and full of history. We drank lots of beer, relaxed in our hotel’s 11 (yes… 11) indoor pools and ate amazing German food too – it was the perfect place for a couple of days away, and plus it was 35 degrees! I also spent a few days in London for work too, which was fun discovering new areas and seeing old friends.

And that brings us on to September – one of my favourite months of the whole year. Jordan and I spent the past few days in Croatia, which was hands down, one of the best trips I have ever been on. Our itinerary was created by the wonderful team at Tui and we had such a fabulous time exploring such a beautiful country.

And that brings the summer of travelling to an end, but what a few months it has been – full of making memories, and discovering new places which is always one of my favourite things to do.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and reliving one of the craziest summers ever.

What has been your favourite travel memory so far this year? 

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