And in the blink of an eye, it became March, how is that even possible?

But anyway… Happy March everyone!

Although it’s currently arctic temperatures in the UK, spring surely must be just around the corner, which I can’t wait for. The days are already starting to feel longer

1. Don’t Break Anything Skiing

Later this month I’ll be heading skiing for the first time ever, and I am so worried about how rubbish I’m going to be. There are a few people who haven’t been before, so I won’t be the only one, but I’m really terrified! I know it will be a great experience and a lovely holiday but the feat isn’t going away just yet!

2. Bake Bread

A little bit of a random one, but towards the end of last year, I was sent some bread flour to have a go kneading it for myself, but I put it in the cupboard and completely forgot about it. I’d really like to have a go trying to bake it this month – watch this space!

3. Plan Eindhoven

In April, myself, Erin and Lily will be heading to Eindhoven in Holland, so this month it would be really good to get researching where to go and what to get up to whilst we’re over there.

4. Discover Somewhere New

On that same note, I’d love to plan another city break to somewhere in the UK this month as I really enjoyed exploring Bath. If you have any recommendations of where you think I’d like then let me know in the comments.

5. Plan Some Content

At the start of the year, I got really ahead with planning and writing posts ahead of schedule, but I’ve really lost that momentum. Last weekend I spent a couple of hours in a coffee shop and ticked so many little jobs off my to-do list that had my nagging me for ages, so maybe this is the answer!

6. Celebrate My Friend’s 30th

Towards the end of March, one of my closest friends turns 30, and I’m really excited to celebrate with him and the rest of the group. The plans aren’t set in stone yet, but I’ve heard bottomless brunch been mentioned, which I can totally get on board with!

7. Make Wedding Decisions

The whole wedding planning has kind of come to a stop now we’ve booked the venue, but I’d love to get a few more things ticked off my list this month including trying to find suppliers for flowers, room dressing and the food. Wish me luck!

8. Enjoy My First Concert Of The Year

I was meant to see Mo last year, but unfortunately, it got postponed until this month, but I’m really excited to finally see her and have a dance with my friends.

9. Try Something New

This month I have my first meeting with a personal trainer which I’m really looking forward to. I don’t want to give too much away because it’s a project I’ll be blogging all about, but I’m really excited to try some new exercises and focus more on my strength.

What are you wishing for this month? 


Happy 1st February everyone! The longest month in existence is over, and we can finally start 2018 again without Dry January, fad diets and everything else that happens on the 1st of the year.

The problem with January is that it makes February seems even shorter by comparison, and it’ll be spring before you know it – not that I’m complaining, I can’t wait for lighter nights now.

Anyway, here are all the things I’m wishing for this month.

1. Discover Bath
Next weekend, Jordan and I will be heading to Bath for a couple of nights, which has been on our list for a while. Since the start of the year, we haven’t had a full weekend to get away somewhere, so I’m excited for a bit of downtime with my favourite person. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way!

2. Have An Evening A Week To Switch Off

I wasn’t very well towards the end of January, and I think it was body telling me to take it a bit more easier. Now things are starting to pick up again in the blogging world, I’m vowing to have at least one evening off social media per week (maybe more if I feel I need it) to do absolutely nothing.

3. Enjoy Dinner With My Friends

We have our next ‘Alphabet Come Dine With Me’ scheduled in for this weekend, and it will be the first time we’ve all been together since before Christmas. The country is Russia, and it is at my friend’s house in Chester, which I haven’t yet been to – I can’t wait!

4. Restaurant Launch

In a couple of weeks, I will be attending a restaurant launch in my hometown of Altrincham, which is really exciting because the vibe of the place sounds right up my street – pizza and chicken! I can’t wait to see what the place will look like as two of my very close friends have been working on this for months.

5. Wedding Fair

This month I’ve also got a wedding fair to attend at Tatton Park with my married friend and my engaged friend (can you tell everyone else is sick of me by this point!) It’ll be really lovely to spend time with them both, and hopefully pick up some inspiration for the big day!

6. Work Night Out

We have our first work night out of the year tomorrow, and I’m really looking forward to letting my hair down and having a few drinks with everyone. Last time we went out with work people, it got a little bit messy and we ended up in Chinese karaoke until 2am in the morning – not my finest hour.

7. Enjoy Trying A New Restaurant

I’ve been really lucky this month that I’ve been invited to try out a classic restaurant in Manchester towards the end of February, which is a place I’ve always wanted to go to. I won’t say too much about it, but if you’re from the city, I reckon you definitely will have heard of it.

8. Bake Something New

I haven’t baked anything since November, so this month I’m making it my mission to get back in the kitchen and whip up some sweet treats. I’m a novice in the kitchen until it comes to baking, which is something I really enjoy – if you have any recipes, in particular, you’d think I’d like, please let me know in the comments.

9. Try To Save Some Money

Now that I’ve pretty much paid off Christmas, I’m hoping to be able to start saving some money again this month and I’ve got quite a few things this year planned that I’m going to have to pay off soon. We’ve also started saving for the wedding which has made everything seem so much more real (and exciting!)

10. Continue To Search For THE Dress

I’ve been to a couple of wedding shops so far looking for a dress, but I’ve still yet to find the one for me. I have a set style in my head that I’d like, and so far I haven’t seen it anywhere, so here’s hoping this month I do. If there are any boho-style shops out there that you’d think it’s worth me looking into, drop me a message as I’m all for recommendations.

And there you have my wishlist for this month.

What are you hoping for in February? 


Although this post is a few days late, I always feel as though it takes a while to get into the swing of January and all of the new routines we want to get into after Christmas – so I’m letting myself off the hook for this one.

I’m actually of fan of this month: I love the idea of everyone being in the same boat, wanting to better themselves in a number of different ways, and the idea that anything is possible.

I’ve enjoyed doing these wishlist posts over the past few months, and they’re always interesting to look back on and see whether I achieved and tried some new things. 2018 has already started off being a really interesting year, and I feel very content at the moment in all the areas of my life, which has uplifted my mood massively.

Here is my January wishlist!

1. Get Back Into A Routine

Like everyone in the UK this week, I was dreading going back to work on Tuesday, but I actually really enjoyed getting back into a routine and not eating cheese for every meal. Although it’s taken a few days to get used to the early mornings, my body responds much better to being in some sort of routine and I hope to keep this up for the rest of the month.

2. Getting My Strength Back

This time last year, I was probably the strongest I have been in a long time, but towards the end of 2017, I was lacking the motivation to go to the gym as much, so this month I am going to get back on the bandwagon. I have set myself the challenge of moving every day in January and doing some form of exercise, whether it’s a walk around the pack, YouTube video or a class at the gym – I hope my body reaps the benefits.

3. Dry January

I’m not the biggest drinker in all honesty, and a couple of years ago, I gave up alcohol for 5 months, but this Christmas I felt as though I drank more than I usually would, so I have set myself another target of getting to the end of January without having a drink. It sounds easy, but we have a few bottles of wine leftover in the house, so we’ll see how long it lasts.

4. Starting Back At Yoga

Another thing I was doing this time last year was a weekly yoga class with my partner in crime, Jacinta. We’ve both agreed to get back into it together, as I find it much easier to commit to something like that when I have someone to go with, and I hope that I won’t be as bent out of shape as I think I am.

5. A Month Of Being Pescatarian

Throughout January, I’ve decided to only eat fish in an attempt to reduce my meat intake overall. For the past 6 months, Jordan and I have eaten vegetarian meals 3-4 times a week, and I want to continue this with only eating fish the other days. It might seem revolutionary to everyone, but I find that every little helps. I want to share some of the recipes we make as well over the course of the month so keep an eye on my Instagram for those.

6. Set Myself A Blogging Calendar

Up until December, I was doing really well with writing and scheduling posts ahead of time, but then the festive season started, and I found it near impossible to do and everything felt very last minute. This month I want to stick to a regular upload schedule and write posts ahead of time – saying that, I also don’t want to feel guilty if I need to have a week off here and there. Life is all about balance after all.

7. Improve My Photography

Since buying the 45mm lens for my Olympus Pen, I haven’t really had the opportunity to use it as much as I would have liked. This month I am determined to get outside more, get some more lifestyle shots, and learn more about my camera, and it’s been a year now, and I only really know the basics.

8. Read More

I haven’t set myself any New Year’s resolutions as such, but something I really want to stick to doing is reading most nights before bed. I feel as though when I go on my phone and go straight to sleep, my mind hasn’t had enough time to switch off completely, so I’m hoping by doing this I will be able to sleep like a baby. I’ve had books piling up on my to-read list too, so it would be good to make a dent in them.

9. Make More Time For Old Friends

The one thing I love about Christmas is how many old faces you see, but it’s a shame that this only really happens once a year. I’ve decided I’m going to spend more time catching up with the people I’ve known for years, as I really enjoy reminiscing about old times and laughing for hours.

10. Find A Venue

After getting engaged at Christmas, a lot of people have already mentioned how on the ball I’ve been in terms of planning a wedding. I’m naturally a very organised person, so this month I would like to see as many venues as possible with Jordan and hopefully find the one of our dreams.

And there you have my January wishlist. Be sure to check back next month to see everything I’m wishing for then.


How’s your January going? Have you set yourself any goals?

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, it’s almost the end of 2017. It’s been a crazy year for me; from buying a house to starting a new job, and ticking some places off my bucket list – there’s been lots of highs and lows, and I’m excited to see what 2018 has in store.

But before we start talking resolutions etc. it’s time I shared with you my final wishlist post of 2017.

1. Get Into The Festive Spirit

There’s nowhere to hide the fact that this year its taken me a little bit longer to embrace the festive spirit. But it’s officially December, I have my work Christmas party next week, and I’m finally starting to feel Christmassy. I’ve got lots of lovely plans over the next few weeks including visiting different cities, catching up with old friends, and endless drinking of mulled wine.

2. Christmas Decorations

At my parent’s house, we used to get our tree up and decorate the house as soon as it hit December, and although I have quite a busy weekend this weekend I’m going to have a look through what we already have, and maybe get the tree up over the next few days. I can’t wait to have the first Christmas in our home.

3. Bake Mince Pies

I love to bake, and mince pies are something I tend to do every year. I haven’t found the time to bake them just yet (but I’ve made my way through a few boxes already) but December will definitely be the time I get my apron on.

4. Cheese And Wine

This month we’ve got our friend’s annual cheese and wine party. We couldn’t go last year as we were in Edinburgh, so I’m really excited to get together with everyone before Christmas, and eat ridiculous amounts of cheese.

5. Visit London Again

I’ve been to London a few times in the last few months, but I would love to go again before Christmas. Jordan and I have a few days off during December, so I will definitely be having a look to see if we can get down there for a night or two. If anyone has any good hotel recommendations, I’m all ears!

6. Christmas Party

Next week is my work’s Christmas party, and I already can’t wait. It’s at Artisan in Manchester, which is one of my favourite restaurants, and it will be my first festive dinner of the year. Seen as it’s a Tuesday, I’m going to try and be well behaved as I’m working the next day, but I’ve said those words a thousand times before.

7. We Blog North Christmas Shindig

During December, I’ll also be attending the We Blog North Christmas party at Randall and Aubin which will be a great excuse to catch up with some of my favourite blogger girls. I’ve never been to the restaurant either, and the menu looks amazing.

8. Get To Grips With My New Camera Lens

I bought myself an early Christmas present in the form of the 45mm lens for my camera, and this month I can’t wait to get to grips with it and create some festive content. I’ve had a play around on my friend, Jacinta’s, a few times, and I love it.

9. Host Christmas Day 

This year will be our first Christmas in our home together, and we have Jordan’s parents coming round on Christmas day. My main wish is to get through the whole day without giving anyone food poisoning – or maybe I’ll just stick to the dessert…

10. Celebrate 4 Years

And finally, this month will be mine and Jordan’s 4 year anniversary. It’s always an awkward time having it straight after Christmas because of the amount of money we’ve already spent, but I’m sure we will do something to celebrate.

And there you have my final wishlist of the year. I really want to keep these going throughout 2018 and I hope you do too.

What are you hoping for this month? 


I won’t be that person that says how is it November, but please be aware that I most certainly am thinking it. But I love winter, so for me, this is a good time of the year.

The clocks have gone back now which means the sun starts setting before I’ve even left the office for the day, but it’s also meant that I can get my knitwear out, which is my favourite time of the year. And you know what’s just round the corner…

1. Buy Jamie Oliver’s New Book

If you’ve been anywhere on social media, chances are that you’ve seen Jamie Oliver’s ‘5 Ingredients’ book popping up all over the place. I’m not a huge lover of cooking (more of eating) but anything that requires only 5 ingredients is right up my street. I have a tendency to buy cookbooks and never use them, but this is one I can see taking a firm place in the kitchen for the winter months.

2. A Seamless Come Dine With Me

On Saturday evening, I have my friends coming round for ‘Alphabet Come Dine With Me’. My letter is Q, and as there is only one country starting with that letter, I’ve had to get my thinking cap on. I won’t write what I’m going to make in case any of them read it on here. It’ll also be the first time that most of them have been to the house since we bought it, and I’m excited to play host.

3. Heading To The Christmas Markets

November is officially the start of Christmas in my eyes, and also when the markets around the country start. We’re lucky that Manchester really does Christmas markets well as they are on the doorstep, but I’d quite like to visit another city this year.

4. Getting Tipsy At The Gin Festival

This month is also when Jordan and I will be heading to the gin festival at Victoria Baths in Manchester after I bought us tickets back in August. He isn’t the biggest gin fan but has enjoyed all of the flavoured ones that he’s tried so far. Victoria Baths is such a cool venue for events as well so I’m looking forward to going back.

5. Finally Getting My Blog Redesigned

In October, I finally took the plunge and paid for my blog to be migrated over to WordPress. It’ll be happening at some point in the next couple of weeks, and it also means that I’m going to have a new template soon too – make sure you come back to see what’s changed.

6. Attending Lots Of Fun Blogging Events

I’ve really kindly been invited to a few blogging events this month, which I am really looking forward to. Some are with brands I’ve worked with in the past, but some are completely new ones, which is always exciting.

7. Catching Up At My Friend’s Birthday

This month it’s one my oldest friend’s birthdays, and she’s celebrating it in one of my favourite UK cities, Chester. She lived there for years and I’ve visited so many times so it will be nice to go back and celebrate with her in some familiar places.

8. Learning Lots Of New Tips At Stylist Live

In a couple of weeks, my mum and I will be heading to Stylist Live. If you haven’t heard of the event before, it is run by Stylist Magazine and is a mixture of experts, comedy, food, interviews, fashion, beauty and loads more. It’s at the London Olympia, which I’ve been to before, and it’s a great venue for what I’m sure will be a really cool event.

9. Returning To London

The week after, I will be heading back to London to see my friend Louise who has recently moved into her new house. I’m not sure what we’ll get up to when I’m there, but I’m really excited to see her and her new place, and finally meet her cat, Finchley.

10. Head To A We Blog MCR Event

It’s been ages since I’ve seen my fellow bloggers at a We Blog MCR event, and I only have to wait a couple more weeks until I’m reunited with them. We haven’t been told loads about the event, just that there’s going to be a guest speaker, which I’m sure will be incredibly useful.

And that’s it for November.

What are you planning on getting up to this month?