May Wishlist

May 1, 2018

I seem to be doing these posts much more regularly than I feel is right, but at least May might mean the comeback of the nice weather? Here’s hoping!

I’ve actually got quite a quiet May, but I’m excited about it, seen as June is always a busy month for me – I’m going away twice, it’s my birthday and a concert that I’m really looking forward to – but more about that next month!

But this month we’ve got two bank holidays to get through first and I for one cannot wait for long weekends.

1. Explore Warwick

On the first bank holiday, Jordan and I will be spending a couple of days in the beautiful city of Warwick. Neither of us have ever been but it’s been on my list for a while. We’ll be staying near the castle so if have any recommendations of where we should go then I’m all ears.

2. Enjoy Some Good Food

I’ve partnered with two restaurants this month to review them, which I’m really excited about. I’ve been to them both before, but never had the chance to review them so I’ll be taking my camera along to share the experience with you!

3. Have Two Long Weekends

As I mentioned, May is a great month because we get two long weekends without having to take any days off work. At the moment I only have plans for one of them, but I’m hoping for some good weather so we can sit out in the garden and have people over.

4. Catch Up With My Family

If you didn’t know this about me, I’m a quarter Australian! My Nan was born and raised there, and this month I have some of my family coming over to stay with her for a few days. She’s organised a family party and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone, including some of my cousins who I haven’t seen since last year.

5. Have Our Engagement Shoot

You might remember me mentioning last month that Jordan and I were going to have our engagement shoot with my friend’s boyfriend who is a photographer, but we had to move it because of those pesky April showers. This month I’m hoping we have time to squeeze it in because he’s already getting booked up. I’ve got a Pinterest board with some of the looks I’d like to recreate which are a lot more candid and natural that posed photos because I am the number 1 awkward person in front of the camera!

6. Wish My Mum The Happiest Of Birthdays

May is a special month for me as it’s my Mum’s birthday. She hasn’t made any plans yet, but I want to make sure she has a lovely day and evening and buy her something really special.

7. Hang Out With My Work Friends

We’ve organised a couple of meals out and brunches with the work girls, and I’m already looking at the menus of the places to see what I’ll get. I really enjoy hanging out with my work friends away from the office as we get on really well.

8. Do Some Writing

I’m not talking blogs here… This month I really want to sit down and do some work on a couple of projects I’ve got lined up this year. 2018 is already the busiest year for my blog and I’m loving absolutely every second of it – watch this space!

9. Meet With Our Florist

Everyone I’ve spoken to has said how organised I’ve been with the wedding planning, but because we haven’t booked anything for a while, I’m starting to get itchy feet again. This month I’m meeting with our potential florist to discuss some options which I’m really excited about. I feel like once that’s ticked off the list, I can start looking at centrepieces and colours.

10. Get My Hair Done

I’ve very generously been invited to a local salon to have my hair done this month, which will be the first time I’ve had it done professionally in about 4 years. I haven’t decided what I’m having done just yet, but I’m really excited to not be using dye out of a box!

What are you wishing for this month?

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