I’ll be the first to admit… I’m an over-packer.

Whether I’m going somewhere overnight, or a two-week stint, I always seem to have a case full to the brim – I just can’t help it! I’ve really tried to restrict myself on my last few trips and plan my outfits around what I think I’ll be getting up to in the days and evenings, and I’m getting better at it.

It’s important to get the most out of your outfits, especially if you want to take pictures of them in a new location for your blog or Instagram. The last thing that you want is to feel uncomfortable because you took the wrong clothes with you, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re underdressed either.

For that reason, you need to be prepared for absolutely everything!

Take a Hat

You may not see yourself as being a hat person and I’m the same. One of the easiest ways to jazz up an outfit though it to wear something on your head. You need to make sure that you have one that reflects the location that you are visiting and coordinates your outfit well.

For example, if you are going to London then a nice fashionable fedora or even bobble hat is great if it’s a bit on the cold side. If you are going to Spain however then you may want to opt for a bigger hat that is able to give you that bit more shade. You can pick up hats very cheap and you really won’t have any problems at all when you know what you are looking for.

Your Feet

When you’re away, you will probably go walking for long periods of time; after all, it’s one of the best ways to get around. Footwear is one of the things I really struggle to pack when I go away as I never know whether to take heels or just flats – first world problems hey? 

My first piece of advice would be to take trainers which can be dressed up or down. If you want to stay comfy then converse are the way to go and you can even choose some nice comfortable flats. The Frank Walder Collection have loads of styles too which will be perfect for your next trip!     

Be Bold

Always pack a bold lipstick or two when you go travelling. It will make you feel that bit more dressed up and it also gives you the chance to really cater your outfit for the occasion as well.

If you have some lighter lipsticks, these could be perfect for the beach or maybe even a tinted lip balm for the day. Lipstick has the ability to change your outfit completely and it is also a great way for you to really bring out your true style.


Just like lipsticks, accessories can really bring your outfit alive. Whether it’s a statement piece or a few different ones, accessories don’t take up that much room in your case, and you’ll be so thankful you brought them.

When I go away, I usually pick up a bracelet or two as a souvenir, which is also a great way to support the local economy, whilst picking up something to remind you of being away.

Do you have any tips for being fashionable abroad?

I’ll be the first to admit that most of the time I forget to wear any sort of jewellery on a day to day basis. I’m usually rushing out of the door and I’d much rather remember my shoes and handbag than something to pull my outfit together. However, since getting engaged, I’ve noticed how much having jewellery on makes me feel like I really have my shit together so I’ve started to put a bit more effort in.

Because I’m usually quite bleary-eyed in the morning whilst I’m getting ready, I’d rather go for one statement piece when I’m heading to work rather than loads of little bits. However, it might be easier said than done. I’m lucky that my office are quite relaxed when it comes to our dress code, and we can usually get away with most things, but I know that some workplaces may be more restrictive when it comes to what you can and can’t wear.

Many office environments enforce a “strictly business” approach to your clothes and accessories while the new breed of start-ups may be a bit more casual in their practices. So long as your look doesn’t distract the developers from their Objective-C and all that jazz, chance are, you’re golden – pardon the pun! Whatever you feel comfortable wearing jewellery-wise, it can help you to make a big impression in an otherwise mundane office situation.

Today I’ve rounded up some of my tips for making your statement at work.

Keep it classy, and you can afford to be bold

When it comes to making a statement with your jewellery, it’s a good idea to opt for the classy and elegant. Paradoxically, the simpler and more elegant your jewellery, the bolder you can afford to be. If you’re going to buy a nose ring online, opt for something that’s eye-catching yet elegant like a small diamond stud. If you want to make a statement with your neckline, a bib necklace or choker may be the best way to do this.

Less is more

The age-old saying right?

A single statement piece can say a lot about you without compromising the professionalism of your appearance. However, going for several statement pieces at once will give you a crowded look that doesn’t give your jewellery room to breathe. Plus, as expensive and exquisite as the pieces may be, it runs the risk of looking tacky.

Speaking of minimalism, remember to keep your clothing subtle and modest when wearing statement jewellery to accentuate it. Moreover, your makeup should be flawless but simple, especially if you’re wearing chandelier style statement earrings.

Talk with your hands

Aside from the face and neck, your hands are one of the easiest parts of your body to accessorize, but no one wants to be the girl who clunks every time they type. Also, if you will likely be shaking a lot of hands or doing a lot of typing throughout your day, you should be as minimal as possible in your bracelets: This means your jewellery needs to be functional.

Make sure that any statement bracelets you choose don’t clash with your choice of nail polish or your wedding or engagement rings. Try to limit your uses of bold colours as these can easily clash on the relatively small surface area of your hands and go for a more neutral gold or silver (or rose gold if you’re basic AF).

Do you have any tips yourself? 


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Have you ever seen someone wearing a piece of jewellery that you love and then you go out and buy it for yourself only to find it doesn’t look right?

If that’s the case, it could be because you’re not choosing jewellery that works for you; you’re choosing jewellery that works for someone else.

I’ve always had an interest in how jewellery can make an outfit and I love experimenting with different pieces, but when I look back at some photos, there are definitely some choices that I tried to follow a trend with, and just didn’t work!

There are so many different things that matter when it comes to choosing the right accessories and jewellery, and today I’ve compiled a few tips on how to find the right items for you.

Don’t be Bound by the Expectations of Others

Deep huh?

The first thing to remember is that other people’s thoughts really don’t matter when you’re choosing jewellery for yourself to wear. If you worry too much about what’s cool and what’s in fashion, you’ll end up with a bunch of jewellery that’s not right for you. So stop buying what you think you should buy and start buying what you want to.


Consider How Your Lifestyle Will Impact What You Wear

We a go about our day to day lives in different games ways, so it’s important to consider how your lifestyle will impact which jewellery you wear.

You don’t want items to get in the way or annoy you day to day, so consider how you can make the right choice for you.


Always Research Ahead of a Big Purchase

There are some jewellery purchases that are more significant than others, and they’re the ones that you really need to take the time research before you hand over your cash.

If you’re picking out ‘THE’ ring that your partner can buy you for that special day, places like https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/ can really help. And don’t be afraid to ask for help or get involved! Girls choosing their engagement ring is becoming increasingly common, and it’s one purchase you want to get right.

Anytime you’re planning on spending a lot, you should do plenty of research into the options.


Take Your Face and Body Shape Into Account

This is quite a strange one to think about as jewellery is usually worn on the neck upwards, but the shape of your body and the shape of your face will both have an impact on what kind of jewellery you should wear each day.

If you end up with a pattern or shape that simply doesn’t show off your body or facial features, it’ll look all wrong. Do some research into this and find out which shape you are; it’ll make all the difference in the long run. 


Complement Your Skin Tone

As a pale girl, I know that the more silver something is, the more washed out it can make me look, so this one is really important to think about, espeically if you are investing money into the pieces.

Your jewellery will most likely be resting against your skin when you’re wearing it. That’s why you need to think carefully about how your skin tone could be having an impact on how your jewellery looks on you when you’re wearing it.

It’s something that’s definitely worth being aware of. There’s a solution out there for very skin tone so you won’t be short of options.

Picking out the perfect jewellery for you is not always easy. But if you’re willing to think things through carefully and reach considered conclusions, you’ll get the hang of all this in no time at all.

It might seem a little overwhelming now, but by understanding all the factors mentioned above, you’ll save yourself time and money going forward.

What are your tips for picking out the perfect pieces? 


It’s been a while since I did a fashion post, so when Pretty Little Thing offered me the chance to collaborate with them for their Christmas Jumper edit, I jumped at the chance as I am a huge fan of the brand (and Christmas).

I’m always the one who wants to wear festive jumpers as soon as it hits November 1st, so I feel as though I have refrained myself quite well this year by holding out until now which is why I was excited to get in the Christmas spirit.

Today I wanted to share some of the shots I got wearing three of their jumper choices that I picked as my favourites from the whole collection, which you can find here.

Black ‘Express Your Elf’ Jumper £15

Like any millennial girl, I always seem to be drawn to a slogan jumper, and one with a pun is even more appealing. I love the gold writing on this one, and I can definitely see myself wearing this to Christmas drinks because it isn’t too out there (please excuse the major close up of my breasts…)


Red Fairisle Reindeer Jumper – £18

Is there anything more festive than a Fairisle knit? I think not. I chose this style in the red (it also comes in grey and navy) because I never buy that colour as I think it clashes with my is-it-ginger-is-it-not-maybe-slightly hair colour, but I’m glad I bit the bullet as I love it – red just instantly makes me feel more Christmassy.


Cream Ho Ho Ho Sequin Jumper

Hello, it’s me, the Mrs Claus wannabe…

Call me a magpie, but I always seem to be drawn to sparkly things, and this jumper was no different. I love that although it has the sequin detail, the overall jumper isn’t what you would class as a typical Christmas jumper, as it is much more subtle and one that I might try and get away with before it even hits December.

So there you have my favourite Christmas jumpers from the collection at Pretty Little Thing – I hope you liked what I picked.

Photos: Jacinta Dawn

This post was written in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing, and the jumpers were very kindly gifted to me. But as always all views are my own. 

However much this does sound like the title of a dissertation, it is something that has been on my mind for a while. For the last few weeks, I have been inundated with adverts on my social media channels with celebrities endorsing products, that I will guarantee, they have never used.

Trackback 10 years ago… Celebrities were all over the place advertising drinks, cars, perfumes, haircare, makeup – the lot. They were used to maximise the impact of a marketing campaign and build brand awareness amongst consumers with their recognisability. But fast forward to the present, and these well-known endorsements are few and far between.

Back in the day, when we saw a face that we knew advertising a brand, the teenager in us would associate the familiarity with trust, and with that, we would more than likely purchase the product – easy for big brands to make a sale to susceptible youngsters who want nothing more than to fit in with the masses.

But now, with the more and more brands that there are out there, the harder it is for companies to get into our heads and influence our buying habits, even if they do use a celebrity to try and sway us.

Around eight years ago, something amazing happened to the way that we would purchase items for the foreseeable future – something that was so disruptive for brands, and something none of them knew how to jump on as it was happening – the YouTuber, Blogger hybrid, was born.

YouTube had been around for many years before this, but it was only in about 2009 when girls from all over the world started showing their ever-growing audiences what they had purchased – and the haul video as we know it, was born.

This was such a new way for consumers to see what clothes and makeup looked like on actual, real-life girls and not 6-foot tall, size 4, airbrushed-to-the-max supermodels. All of a sudden, the fashion and beauty industry had to take these new ‘influencers’ into account and try and get them on their side to promote their products.

At first, a lot of these new YouTubers were happy to accept clothes and makeup for free in exchange for an honest review on their channels, but as the industry got bigger and bigger, a lot of them realised that they could make a living by doing this full-time.

However, because of the uncertainty surrounding the blogging industry, a lot of brands didn’t see a future in this and continued to endorse their products with celebrities; but they soon realised that the average twenty-something is much more likely to buy a dress from a face they know and trust, who, at the end of the day, is a twenty-something themselves, telling them the honest ins and outs of a product.

Do you remember back in 2016, where Scott Disick pasted the instructions of what a brand wanted him to write into his Instagram caption? Or when Daley Blind broke the illusion that he actually liked and purchased his new Adidas shirt instead of being paid to advertise it? Brands are now just telling their endorsers what to write showing that the celebrity has no interest in the product whatsoever, as long as they are being paid to talk about it, which makes the blogging industry even more refreshing.

For the past few years since I have been a part of this industry myself (albeit, on a much smaller scale) I have noticed that Bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers all have so much more sway on what the 14-30 year-old market is buying because they are people just like you and me.

With the introduction of Instagram stories and the ability to add in links to the products you are wearing (the ‘swipe up’ links that you can only do if your following is more than 10,000) as well as YouTubers linking every product they are talking about in their videos in the description box, it is becoming even more accessible for us to purchase these items in a quick and timely manner – because as a generation, all we ever talk about is our lack of time – so anything that is made quick and easy for us, we love.

To me, celebrity endorsements have been dying out for years, as the evolution of consumer’s buying habits continues to change. We are no longer drawn to Pantene because Ellie Goulding has nice hair; we no longer want to buy L’Oreal because Penelope Cruz looks flawless, and we longer want to shop at Iceland because Kerry Katona told us how cheap it was – that one was a long-shot anyway.

As consumers, we are more likely now to make our own decisions, instead of being swayed by a face we know. We’re not stupid: We know the amount of choice there is out there, so we want to make an informed judgment instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

The honesty and relatability of the everyday girl talking about Topshop Joni jeans, the latest Naked palette and which foundation is the best for night’s out if much more appealing than air-brushed celebrities on our TV screens who have probably never picked up the product in their life.

Maybe I’m wrong; maybe one-day celebrity endorsements will make a comeback: But in my eyes, the new generation of influencers are becoming the celebrities that we recognise and trust, as they are more self-aware and care about the products they are reviewing, and it’s only a matter of time before we see social media taking over another part of the world.