How to Look Chic While Living Out of a Suitcase

August 10, 2018

Travelling is fun, there’s no denying it – it’s a big part of a lot of people’s life too.

It’s a great way to kick back a bit and just relax, so, usually, the last thing on your mind is looking chic and your best abroad; there is so much to do and see after all that fashion can sometimes take a back seat.

Normally when you go away, you are travelling with friends and family and there is no need to impress anyone, in particular, so you can pretty much wear what you fancy. But, every now and again, you will want to dress up a bit for a nice dinner with your other half, your final night away or, maybe you are travelling to join a friend for a special celebration.

Today I’ve rounded up a few suggestions to help you to fit a stylish outfit or two into your suitcase.

Opt for two-piece outfits

If you choose to pack a top to wear with a nice skirt or trousers rather than a dress you will be able to mix and match them to create several outfits. Something like the wonderful maxi skirts you can buy from places like would be ideal. After the special event, you can wear the maxi skirt again and again which is always a plus.

Paired with a more casual top it would be ideal for wearing in the evening. If you choose one made from a lightweight material you could even pop it in your beach bag. It would is also good for putting on over the top of your swimming costume for the walk back to your accommodation.

Pack a nice pashmina

Rather than packing a jacket, which would take up a lot of space, opt for a shawl or pashmina instead. Choose one that is made from a material that does not crease easily so you’re not frantically looking for an iron whilst you’re away. 

As you can see from this short video, you can wear this item in lots of different ways and use it to enhance all kinds of outfits, so they’re really versatile and don’t take up a lot of room in your case either. 

Use accessories and shoes to tie together

The key to looking special enough is to use the right accessories. A nice belt, some statement jewellery, and a matching bag will all work together to lift any outfit.

Sandals are great for sight-seeing, but unless they are particularly dressy they are not likely to be quite chic enough to wear for that special occasion. A far better option is a pair of classic pumps. If you go for a peep toe pair or maybe some slingbacks they can easily be worn as an alternative to sandals.

These styles of shoes enable plenty of air to circulate around your feet. Just be careful to choose shoes that are not so high that they cannot comfortably be worn all day.

Keep things simple

Before you go away, experiment with styling your hair and doing your makeup in as simple a way as possible. This will enable you to reduce the number of beauty products and makeup you have to pack. You can find out how to do this, by reading the travel-ready makeup section of this article.

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration for packing a variety of outfits when you head on your holiday, but my main tip would be to not overthink it. Travel can be stressful at times, so having pieces you can throw on and dress up and down with jewellery and shoes is one of the easy options.

How do you like to style yourself when you go away?

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