I feel as though June has been such a manic month, and this week was definitely one of the busiest. I turned 28 on Wednesday and spent the few days around it celebrating before heading to the lakes for a weekend of chilling with my love.

Here’s everything I was loving last week.

Team Lunch

My lovely work girls decorated my desk this week for my birthday, bought me a gorgeous candle which I’ve been wanting for ages, took me out for lunch and surprised me with cake for breakfast – they certainly know how to make a girl feel special!

Birthday In London

I spent my actual birthday on a work trip to London, but I actually had a really lovely time and even got to see one of my friends who lived down there. It’s not every day you can say you spent your birthday on the 29th floor of a building looking out over London whilst in a meeting.

Charlotte Street Hotel

My parents also happened to be in London on Wednesday so I met them for dinner at the Charlotte Street Hotel just off Oxford Road. My lovely friends Erin and Lily also came to meet us for a drink and it was really nice to catch up with them both. Also, the hotel itself was a really lovely place if you fancy a drink or some food if you’re in the capital.

Goldsmiths Event

On Thursday evening, I attended a bridal event at Goldsmiths in the Trafford Centre to learn about their new collection which is inspired by different brides and their styles. We learnt about timeless, vintage and modern looks and saw flower arrangements, makeup and hairstyles for the different ones. It was really interesting to see the different types of looks and figuring out which represents me the most.

Lake District

This weekend was spent in the Lake District, just outside of Keswick, which is somewhere I’ve visited before. We had such a relaxing time and I feel it is just what I needed to re-set my mindset and have some well-needed rest. We wandered around Keswick too on our second day and it was lovely to reminisce about the last time we were there.

Keswick Reach 

I couldn’t mention the Lake District without talking about Keswick Reach Log Retreat which is where we were very kindly invited to stay. From the moment we drove in until the moment we left, everything was so perfect and the staff went above and beyond to make us feel welcome, including leaving me birthday cakes, chocolate tiffin, a birthday card and bottle of fizz.

Oxley’s Health Spa

Jordan surprised me on Saturday with a trip to a spa which I had absolutely no idea about. We visited Oxley’s Spa which was about a 20-minute drive from where we were staying and it was such a lovely day. The pool was so relaxing, the lunch was incredible and I had a pedicure as well which was a lovely treat.

The Girls

Whilst I was in the lakes, I started a new book, The Girls by Emma Cline, and I’m really loving it already. I used to read so much a couple of years ago, but now I find when I get in bed I’m already so tired that all I want to do is fall straight to sleep so I’m going to make a real effort to try and read more as it helps me to switch off.

What have you been loving this week?

This week has been such a foodie week with a few different trips out to restaurants in the week and a home-cooked meal on the Friday. I can’t believe as well that it’s my birthday next week – this year is just flying!

Here is everything I was loving last week!

Pen & Pencil

On Tuesday evening, I was invited to sample the menu at The Pen and Pencil in Manchester, so I took the chance to have a catch up with my best girl, Hannah. I’d seen her the weekend before, but we still had loads to catch up on and the food was great too.

Salon Success Dinner

I was very kindly invited to the Salon Success summer dinner on Wednesday evening at Grand Pacific, which has been a restaurant I wanted to try for the longest time. The food was incredible, and it was lovely to catch up with the team and some of my favourite blogging girls.


I took my Mum to The Alchemist in Alderley Edge on Thursday evening to sample some of their dishes they are doing in association with Foodinate, who provide a meal to a local person in need. We had a really lovely evening, and the staff were incredibly accommodating.

Home Cooked Fridays

I was working from home on Friday as I wasn’t feeling great, but it meant that I could prep things for dinner so we could have a nice home-cooked meal. I ended up making a Quorn chilli with homemade flatbreads, and it was delicious – if I do say so myself.


This weekend I spent at Parklife Festival which is held at Heaton Park in Manchester. I’ve not been for the past 3 years, but I used to go every year. I had such a great day with all my friends, day drinking and dancing and the weather was amazing for it too.

Confidence Man

I wanted to do a special mention to my favourite band that I saw at Parklife Festival which was Confidence Man. It was my second time seeing them and they are just so incredible live. They were one of the first artists to perform on the Sunday and it set the day off on a high.

Soccer Aid

I caught a bit of the Soccer Aid match for UNICEF when I got home on Sunday evening and I really enjoyed it. I used to be massively into football and even had a season ticket to Manchester United but it’s been a while since I sat and watched a match and even better when it’s for charity. It got me excited for the World Cup too.

What were you loving last week?

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend (and every lovelier 4-day week) I’m not sure I’m actually ready to go back to work for 5 whole days, but hopefully, this week will fly by!

Here is everything I was loving last week.

Starting The Week In Amsterdam

As the first day of this week was a bank holiday, Jordan and I were still on our little trip to Amsterdam. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we did a boat trip and made the most of our last day in the city. I already want to go back!

Travel Vlog

I have big news… I MADE MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO! I’ve been umming and ahhing for a while whether to do it, but I filmed some clips whilst we were in Amsterdam and I thought I have to just go for it. The video is here if you want to watch it, and I’d love it if you subscribed to my channel as I really want to start making more videos.

Sushi Takeaway

When we got back from the airport on Monday evening, the last thing we wanted to do was to cook dinner, so we treated ourselves to a sushi takeaway. Our favourite place do the best sushi and it’s down the road, which is great, but also dangerous at times!


On Wednesday evening, I had my friend Jacinta round catch-up. I’ve been having a bit of a rubbish time recently with my anxiety, and Jacinta always makes me feel really positive and that I can take on the world again, so I love spending time with her.


Jordan and I were very kindly invited to sample some of the new spring dishes at Iberica in Spinningfields on Friday evening. It’s been a meal I was looking forward to for ages as I’ve only heard amazing things – and they were all right. I’ll be doing a full review in the next couple of weeks, but it’s safe to say it was one of the best Spanish meals I’ve ever had.


One of my friends from work has recently left and started her own business doing makeup and on Saturday, she very kindly came round to do mine and my other two friends to practise different looks. Her Instagram page is here if you want to check out her work, but I can honestly she say she was amazing. I’ve had my makeup done a few times and this is the only time I’ve genuinely loved it.

Chilled Sunday

On Sunday, I was struggling a bit with my anxiety and wanted to have a relaxing day and get back on track. Jordan and I spent the day wandering around one of our favourite villages and then the rest of the afternoon in the garden because of the gorgeous weather. It was exactly what I needed.

What have you been loving?

What better way to start the week than with another bank holiday Monday and a 4-day week ahead? And what a wonderful warm-weather filled week we’ve had these past few days – it’s definitely making me want to book more holidays though!

Here is everything I was loving last week.

Wedding Florist

On Tuesday, we had our potential wedding florist round, who is a cousin of one of my best friends. We had a very in-depth conversation about colour schemes and what we were after and it made me really excited to see what she comes back with.

Looking For Bridesmaids Dresses

On the theme of weddings, this week I started to have a look at potential dresses for my maid of honour. You may have heard on a previous post that my maid of honour is currently living in Australia, so trying to find a dress is going to be a bit of a struggle, especially if it needs altering, but having a look this week has been a lot of fun and we both have some ideas in mind already.

Lunch At My Parents

With Jordan starting his new job at the start of the month, it means that we are working quite close to each other now, and it just so happens that my parent’s live about half way between each of our offices. This week, we met for lunch there, and it was a lovely way to break the day up and catch up with my family.

Exciting Blog Projects

I’ve had some interesting and exciting emails coming through this week for various projects on my blog, some which are quite far in the future, and some that I’m working away on in the background. I really am grateful for every opportunity this blog brings me.


I was so busy at the start of May that I completely missed out my monthly newsletter, and didn’t even realise until about a week in. For June, I’m going to make sure I bring it back as I really missed sending one out this month. If you aren’t signed up yet, you can do so here.


It can’t be just us that had the urge to re-watch all of Suits after the Royal Wedding can it? This week, Jordan and I have binge-watched the first series again and I forgot how much of a great show it was. It’s crazy to think that when it was being filmed, Meghan had no idea what was around the corner!


If you haven’t heard… I’m currently in Amsterdam! Jordan and I came out on Saturday for a couple of days and it has been the most lovely trip. I’ve been once before so it has a familiarity to it, but I’ve really enjoyed exploring it all over again.

Checking Into The Wittenberg

We were so lucky to be invited to stay at The Wittenberg in Amsterdam this weekend, which made our trip even better. I’ll be doing a full review soon and showing you some of the pictures I took of the gorgeous apartment, but I would highly recommend staying here if you’re heading to Amsterdam.

What were you loving last week?


This week I attended a conference in London and I had such an inspiring day. I love going to London for work events, and as we got a taxi from Euston to The Excel, it felt as though we did a bit of sightseeing as well! The weather was gorgeous and at the end of the day we were treated to some drinks on the River Thames.


I was working from Manchester on Friday and my manager and I decided to treat ourselves to Itsu for lunch as it’s so close to our office. I went for a sushi platter and a sparkling elderflower drink, both of which were delicious. That’s the problem with working in the city centre, the amount of choice for lunch!

Leaving Drinks

It was my friend Laura’s last day on Friday so we all went out for food and drinks after work. We started in the Northern Quarter before going to PLY for pizza. It was a really fun night, but also sad as I’m really going to miss her personality in the office.


On Saturday I took a day trip to Birmingham to see my friend, Noemie, who has been living there for a few months. We wandered through the streets in the sunshine and went to her flat for a Royal Wedding party. Afterwards, we headed out for a drink and some Mexican food, and it was such a fun day.

Royal Wedding

How could I write about this last week without mentioning The Royal Wedding? I absolutely loved it! It’s made me so excited for our big day next year and I thought Meghan looked absolutely stunning. I loved the flower arches and the whole church was just breathtaking – can one my friends marry a prince please?

Great Manchester Run

Although I didn’t do the run this year, I felt so proud of the whole of Manchester taking part. I had a couple of friends who were running and they both did amazingly well. It’s inspired me to start running more and maybe even sign up to one later in the year.


One of my favourite things about the warmer weather is getting the chance to eat ice cream and frozen desserts wherever possible. As the weather was so lovely on Sunday, Jordan and I drove into a little village that we used to live next to for some froyo and it was delicious – I wish they delivered to our house!


On Sunday evening, we went to help out at my friend Charley’s boyfriend’s new restaurant that he’s opening in Chorlton. The place is a bit of a building site, so we helped with painting and cleaning the outside windows – it was all worth it though because we got to see her sausage dog! I can’t wait until the place has opened either as it’s in a great space.

Sunday Dinner

After working up an appetite at the restaurant, we decided to head for some mezze on our way home. We stopped at a place that we always drive past, Damas, and sat outside as the sun was setting. I’ve mentioned before that I love Greek food and this place was delicious too. A perfect way to finish off the weekend.

What were you loving last week?