Exmouth Market in London

Happy Monday everyone, but where did that come from? I swear I closed my eyes on Friday night and it’s already Monday, but having a bank holiday to look forward to this weekend is really exciting. I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind week both workwise and personal-wise, but there are always things that make me smile so here is everything that I was loving last week!


I was back in London this week for work, which was really exciting in itself as I got to be briefed on some amazing projects coming up. My parents were in London too, so when I finished work, I walked down to Exmouth market to meet my mum for a drink which is about 10 minutes away from my office, and from there we went for dinner with my Dad at Charlotte Street Hotel, which was delicious. I really do love London and discovering new areas every time I go.

Move GB

This week my collaboration with Move GB started, which meant that I was free to try some classes that I usually wouldn’t get the chance to. I tried out Boxfit on Friday evening and Yoga on Saturday and although both were completely out of my comfort zone, they were so fun and I’m glad I went to them.

Britney Concert

My friends from work and I booked tickets to see Britney back in January and this Saturday it was finally time. It was her Vegas ‘Piece of Me’ tour and it was incredible. I’ve loved Britney all through my life, and we were all able to reminisce about the good times to her classic songs. Pitbull supported too and reignited my love of his music.

Visiting Our Chapel

As we’re getting married in a chapel, one of the prerequisites is that we have to attend 10 services before our wedding day and this Sunday we went to our second service. It was really lovely to meet the lady who will be performing it on the day and she gave us some ideas of what we can do decor-wise that we hadn’t thought about. I can’t believe how fast the wedding is coming round, but I’m getting excited!

Bridesmaid Dresses

On the theme of weddings, this weekend I started to have a look at dresses online with my maid of honour and bridesmaid. I’m not 100% sure how it’s going to work getting them and altering them as my MOH lives in Australia at the moment, but it was exciting to see whats out there and what styles are available.


I had a bit of time to kill on Sunday so I decided to go to Aldi to pick up a few bits for the week. The one near us is always super busy, but I decided to brave it on a Sunday as I really wanted to try some of their special buy range, and ended up coming out with a quiche, vegetarian pies, hummus and a lot of other random stuff, but our fridge has never looked so full!


Jordan and I are huge fans of Lebanese food and decided to treat ourselves to our favourite restaurant, Yara on Sunday evening as it felt like we hadn’t been out together for a while. We shared some mezze starters and the food was amazing, as always. That type of cuisine is inspiring our wedding menu too!

Exciting Brand Collaborations

This week I’ve had a couple of really exciting emails land in my inbox and I can’t wait to share the results with you in the next coming weeks. It’s been a bit of a struggle the last couple of weeks getting blog posts together and scheduled, but I’m hoping to have more time to focus on the future soon and the exciting things I have planned for Eleanor Graceful – watch this space!

What were you loving this week?

Sunset terrace at Australasia

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to this week’s Weekly Love post! I hope you had a lovely weekend doing whatever made you smile and are ready for a new week.

It seems as though the great British summer is coming to an end, but hopefully, the rain is just for a week or so and it’ll be blazing hot again before we know it!

Here is everything I was loving last week.


Jordan and I came back from Cologne on Monday, which was such a fun little trip. We had the morning there so went in the pool for the last time, and had breakfast on the hotel roof terrace – can every Monday be like this please?


I had my last set of gels on for far too long and my nails had started to split underneath, so I knew it was about time for a new set! I went for a pale pink (very millennial of me) and I love how pretty and girly it is – it’s been a while since I had pink, but now the weather is starting to turn, I thought I best get something summery for maybe the last time *sob*.


On Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of shooting in Didsbury with the amazing Adel who I met on Instagram. She was so lovely and had some amazing props with her, which meant that we managed to shoot very bridal inspired photographs without even realising. I’ll be sharing some on my Instagram in the next few days so make sure you’re following me here!


This week I’ve been working in my home office, which has been a bit of a dumping ground, so on Friday evening, I decided to get everything out of it and paint it. It took about 3 hours, but it’s now a really lovely shade of pale pink (and looks slightly like a nursery) and I can’t wait to sort it out fully.

Everything I Know About Love

I’ve been reading Dolly Alderton’s ‘Everything I know about love’ and this week I’ve been unable to put it down. I’m quite near the end now, and I can see why loads of girls my age have really enjoyed reading it – I would highly recommend.

Afternoon Tea

Jordan and I were very kindly invited to afternoon tea at the new Sunset Terrace at Australasia. The terrace has recently been refurbished and is absolutely stunning. We had the sushi bento box, to begin with, and then had a sample of different cakes for afterwards. I’ve only been to Australasia once for food and it was amazing, and this afternoon tea experience didn’t disappoint either.

Cosy Night In

My Nan stayed with us on Saturday night and we had a cosy night in whilst it rained outside. We watched dinner date, blind date and a program with Gino Di Campo, and it was so fun to stay in with her and have a chilled evening with lasagne and lots of tea and biscuits.

Sunday Lunch

My mum joined us on Sunday for Sunday lunch where we had fish, potatoes and a lot of cake for dessert. It was really lovely to have a weekend filled with family time and not having to go out anywhere, and it made my heart full.

What were you loving last week?

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another weekly love post! I feel like I’ve not stopped this week. I’ve been in London for work, had Jordan’s birthday and spent the weekend in Cologne, so I’m about ready to fall asleep, but it’s the start of a new week, and I’m excited about quite a chilled one.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the weather, and it seems a shame that this week it’s finally going to not be as warm, but hopefully the sunshine will make an appearance over the weekend as I haven’t spent enough of my time in beer gardens yet, that’s for sure!

And here is everything I was loving last week…


As I mentioned, I spent a couple of days down in London for work, which was really nice to break up the week and catch up with my colleagues. I saw my friend Louise for dinner and we went to the lovely little Kingly Court, which is now one of my favourite areas of London and ate at Pizza Pilgrims which has been on my list for a while, before heading to the shops for some late night retail therapy.

Greek Takeaway

When I got home on Wednesday, the last thing I wanted to do was make dinner as I felt so tired (I never sleep well in hotel rooms by myself, especially when they are 10000 degrees…) and Jordan was working late so I decided to get us both a takeaway from our favourite Greek restaurant which was delicious!

Mama Mia

I saw Mama Mia this week with a couple of girl friends, and it was amazing. I don’t think it’s as good as the first one (which I’ve seen 10+ times at least) but it was a really lovely story line, and I may have shed a tear towards the end. I’ve also had ABBA on repeat ever since so that’s gotta say something right?

Personal Training

On Thursday evening, I had my first personal training session with my friend Missy (from the blog Contour Allure) who owns Elevation Fitness in Warrington. I was a little bit nervous as I’m more of a workout by yourself girl, but the session was so fun. We did a mixture of different circuits, targeting the full body and although it was tough, I can’t wait to go back!

Catching Up With Old Friends

After my session on Thursday evening, my friend Noemie came round for a catch up and some nibbles. It was really lovely to see her and hear all about her new job and we chatted for hours and had some really lovely vegetarian food – always a great way to spend the evening.

Baker Days

I was really kindly gifted a cake for Jordan’s birthday from the lovely team at Bakerdays, and they even let me send them a picture for it too – so naturally I put both the cats on there. The cake was a lovely sponge with jam and buttercream and a fondant icing; so delicious – AND it fit through the letterbox!

Cologne For Jordan’s Birthday

As I mentioned at the top, we spent the weekend in Cologne, celebrating Jordan’s birthday. I booked it way back at the start of the year as it has been a city on our list for a while, so it felt like we’ve been looking forward to it for ages, but it’s also come round so quick. We had a really lovely trip, and although it was only two days and two nights, we crammed so much in. I’ll be writing up all my recommendations in the coming weeks so make sure you keep an eye out for them.


I wanted to mention the hotel we stayed in on here as I won’t be doing a full review of it, but I really would recommend it if you’re heading to Cologne. We stayed in the Mauritius Hotel and Therme, which had 12 saunas, all at different temperatures, three Jacuzzis and two pools, which was absolutely the dream after being in 35 degree heat in the centre of a city!

How was your week last week? What were you loving?

Picture of the sunset

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to another Weekly Love post! This week has absolutely flown by! I feel like I blink and the weekend is over, but I’m excited for a fresh new week.

I’ve had a bit of an anxious week, but I’m not sure what the trigger has been; I’m feeling a lot better after a fun-filled weekend with some of my favourite people.

Here is everything I was loving last week!

Morley’s Pizza

I was invited to try Morley’s Pizza in Hale on Tuesday night with some of the We Blog North girls and I was so excited because I’ve only heard really amazing things about it. I went for the Vegano pizza, which was lovely, but if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I had a reaction to the cheese and didn’t feel good for the whole week, which was annoying because it was really tasty!


This was my second week working from home and I feel like I have finally found my footing with my routine. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, and it’s been nice to have a proper work life balance.

Pier 8

On Friday evening, Jordan and I had a date night at Pier 8 at the Lowry. The food was very much fine dining and it was absolutely incredible. We both tried things we usually wouldn’t go for and it really paid off – I’ll definitely be going back soon – I’ll be posting my full review in the next few weeks.


On Saturday, I had dinner at Dimitris in Manchester with some of the girls I used to work with for a catch-up meal. Dimitris is one of my favourite places for Greek food, and it didn’t disappoint this time either – and it was lovely to see them all too!

Bongo’s Bingo

After the meal, a few of us went on to Bongo’s Bingo at Albert Hall which was one of the most fun nights out I have ever been on. If you’ve been before, you’ll know that it’s absolutely mental, but it is also such a laugh, and we had a brilliant time – I can’t wait to go back again!

Sunday At Home

I was actually feeling ok on Sunday, but we decided to have a chilled day at home – plus the weather wasn’t playing ball! We watched box sets, napped and made a pad thai for dinner before getting a froyo takeaway and bringing it home to watch Love Island – definitely a good way to finish off the week!

My Other Half

As I mentioned, I was having quite an anxious week, but my other half, Jordan, has been absolutely amazing. He is my rock and I am looking forward to marrying him so much. He really is my best friend who always puts me first, and I’m eternally grateful for how kind he is – soppiness over!

What were you loving last week?

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the new week ahead. I had a really interesting week last week, as it was the start of my new job and working from home, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Although it’s not been as warm this week, I’ve been trying to make the most of the sunshine and getting out on walks in the morning and at lunchtime – plus only having cats as colleagues makes you feel the need to leave every so often!

Here’s everything I was loving last week.

New Job

As I mentioned, I started a new job on Monday which I’m sure you’ll hear me talk about on social media and on here at some point. It’s very similar to what I was doing in my old role, but the company is much more suited to my beliefs and I’m really excited to be working on some big projects already – watch this space!


As I started a new job on Monday, I spent the next couple of days in London for introductions and some training. It was really lovely to get to know my wider team and put some faces to names (or email addresses at least…) I’ll be down in London every couple of weeks for big meetings, which I’m looking forward to as I love the big smoke!

Seeing Friends

When I was down in London, I met up with my friend Erin, who lives down there. We had a really lovely wander and drinks on one of the rooftop bars in Covent Garden, and then walked around Seven Dials, before heading for dinner at Wildwood and a walk to the Thames for the sunset. We also walked down the South Bank which has changed so much since the last time I was there about a year ago.


After spending so much time in the week at home, I found a few cosmetic things that I wanted to change with the house, so Jordan and I went to Ikea on Friday evening to pick up a few bits. I’m going to start sharing more home bits on my blog and Instagram so make sure you keep an eye out for those!

Reilly Denholm

I was really lucky to be invited to have my cut and colour done at Reilly Denholm in Leigh. It’s been so long since I’ve had anything professional done to my hair, and I decided to refresh the colour with a bit of balayage and also had about 4 inches off it too! It was all done by Rachel, who was amazing and so patient with the whole process.

Blue Dot

After having my hair done, I went to Bluedot Festival at Jodrell Bank, which is a festival I’ve wanted to go for a couple of years. The location was amazing, and the festival itself wasn’t like anything I’ve even been to before. I’ll be writing a whole post on it soon.


On Sunday morning, I went for brunch (the best meal of the whole week) at Gusto in Knutsford with a group of bloggers. My friend Missy was there with her boyfriend Chris, but I hadn’t met any of the others before and it was a great group of people. I went for the Nutella pancake and it was divine!

Family Sundays

It was also my cousin’s 8th birthday (and my uncle’s today) on Sunday so we headed to their house after brunch for a party. The sun came out just as we arrived and we got to meet their new Cavapoo puppy, Teddy, who was the sweetest thing ever and was very close to coming home with us! Sundays are definitely my favourite day for seeing family and chilling with everyone in the garden.

Wedding Update

Whilst I was at my uncle and aunties, I asked my twin cousins to be my flower girl and pageboy at the wedding next year. They both seemed really excited, and I think they are going to look adorable!


This week we finally unboxed our Leesa mattress which has been taking refuge in the downstairs toilet for a few days now. We’ve only slept one night on it, but it is one of the comfiest mattresses I’ve ever slept up, and I’m already looking forward to going to bed tonight – I’ll be doing a full review with a discount code on it too!

What have you been loving this week?

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