Is December going by in the blink of an eye for anyone else? I can’t believe Christmas is less than two weeks away, and I’m still to buy any presents. Usually, I’m quite good at being organised, but this year its just slipped away from me and before you know it, the day will be here.

But before I start to have a freak out about how much I’ve got to do, I thought I would mention everything I was loving last week.

After reading this post back, the majority of it has reveovled around food, which is just the way my life is going at the moment. Is it even Christmas if you don’t look like a Christmas pudding?

1.Christmas Party

On Tuesday evening, I dolled myself up for my work’s Christmas party at Artisan in Manchester. We’d hired the whole of the top of the restaurant because there is so many of us, and we had a three-course dinner and drinks. There was a free bar all night, but I was actually quite well behaved and got home around 1:30am, which was a few hours before a lot of other people by the sounds of things. It was really lovely to be out with work people as everyone really let their hair down.

2. We Blog North

Wednesday evening was the We Blog North’s Christmas party so I made my way into Manchester after work and over to Randall and Aubin. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone, and the food was delicious. I had a salmon terrine to start, baked cod and an apple pie with custard. We played pass the parcel, got a few Christmas treats and had a really lovely evening.

3. Alchemist Lunch

One of our suppliers at work came in for a meeting this week, and very kindly took me and the rest of my team to The Alchemist in Alderley Edge for lunch as our Christmas present. I had a cajun chicken wrap with sweet potato fries, and everyone else got the chicken katsu curry which looked and smelt amazing. I always think going out for lunch in the week is a little treat.

4. Friday Pamper

I had an evening at home alone on Friday evening, as Jordan was out at his work’s Christmas do, so I took the chance to have a proper pamper and chill. I had my pj’s on by about 7pm and caught up on TV shows I’d missed and watched Elf to get me in the Christmas spirit. It was a really lovely evening and reminded me that I need to have a chilled evening every once in a while.

5. Enzo Brunch

I was invited to a blogger’s brumch on Saturday morning at Enzo in the city centre. I’d been there once before when it had just opened, but didn’t make it for very long as I was at work in the day. It’s primarily a pizza place so I was intriuged by their brunch offering. It was a lovely little morning with some old friends and some new: I’ll be doing a full post on what I thought next week so look out for that one.

6. Tapeo and Wine

On Saturday evening, a couple of girls from work and I went for tapas at Tapeo and Wine as a bit of a pre-Christmas treat. I’d walked past the restaurant a few times before (it’s on Deansgate, if you know Manchester), but never been in so we thought we would give it a try. We had the Christmas tapas menu and the food was honestly some of the best tapas I’ve ever had. We had a whole selection of different dishes, and my favourites were the king prawn in a chilli infused oil, the Spanish omlette and the cured meat board. I would highly recommend checking it out if you’re in Manchester.

7. Sunday Morning

I felt like I hadn’t had a great week of sleep this week, so when my alarm went off on Sunday to get up and go to the gym, I turned it off and decided to have a morning in bed instead which is just what my body needed.

8. Catch Up

I met up with my friend Rosie on Sunday for a catch up as we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months, and in that time she’s managed to move house and got herself a new job. We ate blueberry French toast at Pot Kettle Black which was the most indulgent breakfast ever (it was Sunday after all) and if that wasn’t enough, we took a trip to Teacup in the Northern Quarter and shared a cake afterwards. The most foodie weekend ever!

9. Sunday Dinner

If eating multiple courses of sugar for brunch wasn’t enough, Jordan and I decided to cook something from the Jamie’s 5 ingredient book for dinner, because my life is all about balance. We went for the garlicky breaded chicken which was super easy to make and really tasty.if you don’t own this book, I would suggest getting it!

10. Vlogmas

This week I’ve really been getting into Vlogmas videos and I’ve loved having a few to catch up on. I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of a YouTube addiction, but I find it comforting to watch them before I go to bed, and it’s the best time to be snuggled up watching your favourite bloggers.

Do you feel Christmassy? What were you loving last week? 


Happy December everyone!

I can’t quite believe we’re into the last month of the year, but hasn’t that just been the way that 2017 has gone? I’m really looking forward to Christmas after a rather festive weekend, and I can’t wait to catch up with my nearest and dearest.

1. In Conversation With Megan Ellaby

On Tuesday evening, my friend Alex and I went to Topshop in The Trafford centre to attend an event hosted by Megan Ellaby. She’d chosen some of her favourite items from the Autumn-Winter collection and talked us through it, whilst answering the audience’s questions. I’d met her once before at an event a couple of months ago, and I almost cried with joy when she recognised me. Cringe I know…

2. Kasabian

On Thursday evening, I went to the Kasabian concert with my friend Phil at the Manchester Arena. I’ve seen them once before about 3 years ago, but they were even more brilliant live than I remember. They played a mixture of songs from their new album, and some classic tracks.

3. Tree

Over the weekend, Jordan and I bought our Christmas tree from Tesco. Normally at my parent’s house, we would have a real one, but because Luna is still a kitten, we opted for a fake one as we thought the cats wouldn’t be able to do as much damage… we were wrong. I still want to put a few more bits up here and there to make the whole house feel more festive, but the tree was definitely the starting point.

4. Seeing Family

On Saturday afternoon, Jordan and I drove over to my cousin’s new house to catch up with her and my Nan. My other cousin was also there, so it was a really lovely reunion with them and their kids. I love seeing my family, especially around the festive period.

5. Chester

After we’d been to my cousin’s, we headed to Chester for my friend’s annual wine and cheese party. We got there a bit early so decided to have a wander around the shops and the markets, which are basically the same as Manchester but much less busy. The wine and cheese party was one of my favourite nights of the year because of the amazing food and company. Already looking forward to next December!

6. Manchester Markets

On Sunday, I met up with Hannah and her boyfriend, with Jordan, at the Manchester markets for some food and drinks. As usual, they were absolutely heaving, but I hadn’t been this year yet, and it’s a necessity at Christmas. I had currywurst and apricot strudel afterwards which was amazing.

7. Lily Pebbles’ Book

It was actually last week when Lily Pebbles (one of my favourite YouTubers) announced that she had written a book, but I left it until payday to pre-order it. It’s called The F word and it’s out in March.

8. Shelves

This is when you know you’ve become officially old… Whilst I was at Kasabian, Jordan very kindly put up some shelves for me that we’d bought from Ikea last weekend. The spare room is slowly being turned into an office, and it’s really coming together now they’re up.

9. Vlogmas

Because its the start of December, that also means it’s the start of Vlogmas. If you aren’t aware of what Vlogmas is, it’s basically when YouTubers film and upload a video every day until Christmas, and it means that there’s loads of extra videos being uploaded, which is great for someone like me with a slight YouTube addiction!

10. Nails

I couldn’t resist booking a nail appointment when my favourite place was doing a Black Friday sale. I’ve gone for a black with a hint of shimmer, plus a glittery nail on my fourth finger on both sides, which is definitely a look I haven’t done for a while. I wanted something festive, but also that would go with everything.

What have you been loving this last week?


Last week was a strange one. If you read this post you might understand why a little bit more. I had some amazing plans over the past few days, including seeing Steps in Leeds, dinner in Manchester and a talk by We Blog North, but my head just wasn’t in the right space to do any of that.

Instead, I spent lots of time at home, caught up with friends, cooked with Jordan and cuddled the cats, and it was just what I needed. Even when you have great things coming up, your mental health should always be your priority, even if it means taking a few days off.

Despite that, I did have some moments last week that made me smile.

1. Getting Things Done Diary

I was very kindly sent the Getting Things Done diary by Career Girl Daily at the start of the week, and I really love it. I’m a bit of a stationery geek, and this is the perfect addition to my collection. It’s also different to any other diary I’ve had before as it isn’t dated and has a full page for notes, but also additional space for workouts and to remind you to drink water.

2. Afternoon Off

On Tuesday, I had the afternoon off as I had planned to drive over to Leeds for the Steps concert, but as I mentioned, I wasn’t really feeling up to it. I didn’t want to cancel the holiday so I spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa catching up on some of my favourite TV shows and reading, and it was absolute bliss. There’s a lot to be said for a little bit of me time.

3. Photos With Jacinta

I was working from home on Wednesday as I had a couple of appointments in the afternoon so I had booked a few hours off again. As I was feeling more myself than the day before, I met up with one of my favourite people, Jacinta, who always manages to put a smile on my face. We spontaneously took some pictures for my blog too because she is just the sweetest.

4. Discovering Nando’s Humous

Humour me on this one… If there’s one thing that this girl likes, it’s Nando’s. I picked up some humous at the start of the week with the peri-peri drizzle they serve in their restaurants, and it was amazing – I’ll definitely be investing in it again.

5. Working From Home

On Friday, there was a power cut around my office, so me and a couple of my work friends decided to work from my house. We drove to Aldi and got some festive bits for lunch (FYI, Aldi are winning when it comes to Christmas cooking) and spent the afternoon with the radio on, working from my sofa.

6. Leaving Do

On the same day, it was actually one of my friend’s leaving do’s, which we went into Manchester for. We started at Base (a baseball batting cage) which I was completely rubbish at (I’m blaming the 241 Long Island ice teas before 8pm) before moving on to karaoke, which I was slightly better at – or at least the alcohol gave the confidence to think so.

7. Saturday Chills

On Saturday, I wasn’t feeling great (again, blaming the Long Island ice teas) and spent most of the day lazing about the house, which actually turned out to be just what I needed after quite an emotional week.

8. Nando’s

After a few hours at home, I decided that we needed to get out of the house, and the only thing that would cure my hangover, was indeed a Nando’s… what can I say, this girl knows what she likes. I couldn’t face sitting in the restaurant so we got a takeaway and came home to watch Strictly.

9. Ikea

Feeling a lot more refreshed on Sunday, we decided to take a trip to Ikea, which didn’t turn out to be as busy as I originally thought. We bought a few more pieces of furniture, some frames, and other bits and bobs. I’m really trying to make our house feeling much more homely, and this felt like a good start.

10. Sunday Night At Home

After the Ikea trip, we went back home, swinging by Coop on the way to pick up some dessert. We went for sticky toffee pudding and custard (my personal favourite) and watched The Holiday – one of my all-time favourite Christmas films. We got most of the blankets down from our room and put up some fairy lights too. It was such a lovely way to finish the weekend off.

What were you loving last week?


It’s finally happened – I’m actually starting to feel festive (maybe still too early for some of you). I think the mixture of going down to London with doing some Christmassy posts on here has definitely sped things up, and there are lots of exciting things to come which I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.

But before that happens, I’ll talk about everything I was loving last week.

1. Jake Shoes Launch

There’s been a lot of local buzz around the newly opened Jake Shoes in Altrincham for the past couple of weeks, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch on Monday evening. It was a really fun event with some people I knew, and some that I didn’t, and I even won a free pair of flip flops – shame its November and I live in Manchester!

2. Carmex

This week I bought myself a new Carmex after losing mine a few months ago. As someone who suffers from chapped lips all through the year, I find its one of the only things that helps them, plus its strawberry flavoured, which makes it even better.

3. Home Cooking

This week has felt like such a wintry week, which is one of the reasons I’ve been craving home cooking so much. We managed to whip up sweet potato and chickpea pies midweek and spent Friday evening throwing different spices in a pan to make a curry, which was delicious. I’m definitely enjoying cooking a whole lot more.

4. Lunch At My Parents

On Thursday lunchtime, I nipped to my Parent’s house, which is around the corner from where I work, to have lunch with them. It’s always nice to be able to catch up with them in the week now I no longer live there, and the free lunch was even more of a treat.

5. Self Care Night

I’m not sure whether its the cold weather, or my mental health taking a bit of a battering in the last couple of weeks, but its made me into a bit of a hermit, which I am a-ok with. On Thursday evening I was feeling a bit down in the dumps so I decided to have a bath, put on a facemask and just relax without having to think about anything and it was pure bliss.

6. Ren Samples

When I saw my Mum during the week, she gave me a couple of Ren skincare samples that she had from a recent order. One of them was a scrub and the other was a mask, both of which I’ve tried and have really enjoyed. Ren is one of those brands that I never gravitate to in the shops, but one that I really enjoy using when I get round to it. I might treat myself to a cheeky pre-Christmas order.

7. London 

On Saturday, I went to London to see my friend Louise as a pre-birthday celebration. We ate at Cereal Killer Cafe, got lost in Seven Dials and went to Winter Wonderland which made me feel so festive. I love visiting London, and it was really nice to not be down there for work and be a tourist.

8. Festive Day

Following on from the festive-feel of my London trip, I had a couple of blog posts to write for brands on Sunday which meant that I spent most of the day in Christmas jumpers, doing Christmassy things – including getting my first hot chocolate from Costa in a festive cup.

What have you been loving over these last few days? 


This has been one of my busiest weeks in a while, which has been great, but it also meant that I spent most of Saturday in bed with a migraine because I was doing too much.

This week I’ve still got some big things on, but I’ve decided to slow down a bit, take each day as it comes and hopefully be up to full health quickly.

1. Rosso Meal

You might have seen my post over the weekend about my visit to Rosso in Manchester (if not, you can find it here.) It was such a brilliant night that I wanted to mention it here as well. It was arranged by my friend Georgie, who did a brilliant job of bringing together such a lovely group of girls, with great food and an amazing goodie bag. I already can’t wait for the next one.

2. Salon Success Event

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Salon Success for over a year now, which is why I couldn’t wait to go to their Blogger Christmas Dinner on Thursday. It was my first Christmas event that I had in my diary, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a good few weeks now. I knew some of the bloggers there, but it was also great to meet some new faces too.

3. Stylist Live

I want to do a whole post dedicated to Stylist Live because I had such a brilliant day there and I wanted to share my experience fully. I went with my Mum, who also thought it was great. We got the train early Friday morning to London, fit in a little bit of Christmas shopping, and spent the day at the event, nipping out to experience the Kensington Roof Gardens too, which, if you haven’t been, I would highly recommend – they have real-life flamingos!

4. Inspiration

I get a lot of inspiration for my blog by my everyday life, but I felt like I was lacking a bit in the last couple of months. I don’t know whether it was the day in bed on Saturday, but I feel really inspired with the ideas I have for this little blog, and I hope that I can pull them off in the next few weeks.

5. Brand Collabs

On the same note, I’ve been really lucky to have been contacted by some amazing brands in the last fortnight who have given me free rein of the campaigns too – always a plus. I can’t wait to share these posts over the next month or so and get your feedback on them.

6. Brunch

On Sunday morning, I went for brunch with my good friends Sophie and Abi to Sugar Junction in Altrincham. I hadn’t seen either of them in a few weeks, so it was really lovely to catch up over some great food and coffee. I went for the avocado stack (because I’m basic as hell) and it was absolutely amazing.

7. Ideal Home Show

I was invited to the Ideal Home Show a few weeks ago, and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to ever since. If you didn’t know, my boyfriend and I bought our house together back in March, and I’m always looking for inspiration to make it feel more homey. The show also hosted the food and drink festival and the cake and bake show so we had a really nice afternoon wandering about.

8. Kosmos Taverna

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Greek food – I love the amount of different flavours they use and the fact you can have a bit of everything. We had the set mezze platter, which was three courses of pure deliciousness, and really well priced.

What have you been loving this week?