Weekly Love #98

December 10, 2018

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another Weekly Love post. I’m hoping that everyone is getting excited for Christmas; I definitely am getting more and more festive by the day and I can’t believe it’s just over two weeks away.

We’re coming up to the end of 2018 which means I’m starting to look forward to the new year and all my plans for the next 12 months in terms of this blog. I’ll be rounding up these Weekly Love posts soon and starting to create some new content and I hope you’ll enjoy the path I take this little place on the internet…. but more on that later this month.

Here is everything I was loving last week.

Streamlining My Shelves

Sounds like an odd one to start with, but during the week I’ve been clearing away some of my shelves, getting rid of a lot of old makeup products and bits and bobs that I no longer use and I feel so much better for it. I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a hoarder and I’m really trying to cut back on the bits I buy (or at least put everything in storage so it’s not as easily seen!) and so far so good. I’m hoping to go into 2019 with a clearer mind and house!

Visit To The Trafford Centre

I had a couple of meetings at the Trafford Centre on Monday and I used the chance to do a bit of Christmas shopping and managed to tick quite a few presents off my list. I’m one of those people who really loves giving presents, and I’ve already wrapped them all already!

Picking Up Our Wedding Invites

This week we got to pick up our wedding invitations which was really exciting! I’ve designed them myself and I’m really happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait to start giving them out to my lovely friends and family. It’s all coming round so quickly now!

Friend Lunches

I’ve been lucky to see some of my favourite girls this week. Firstly my lovely friend Alex came round for lunch on Tuesday and we had a lovely spread (including lots of cheese!) and on Wednesday, I went to a new place in Altrincham with my girls Sophie and Abi and had a delicious strawberry, goats cheese and walnut salad – definitely one I want to recreate at home!

First Vlog

I published my first vlog this week which was really nervewracking but the comments from you all have been so lovely and it’s encouraged me to do it more often. I don’t want to commit to Weekly Vlogging (plus my life is nowhere near interesting enough for that) but I do want to get into YouTube more for next year. You can watch it here.

Christmas Party

This Thursday I headed down to London for my work Christmas party. We started off having a team day in Kensington and then headed to Brewdog and a lovely pub in Shepherd’s Bush for dinner. After we played mini golf at Puttshack which was so much fun and one I hope they bring to Manchester!

Festive Sunday In Town

Jordan and I spent early Sunday morning in Manchester doing some last Christmas present shopping and having a look around the shops. We went for a mulled wine at the Christmas Markets and had a crepe covered in Nutella – the dream!

Suit Shopping

Jordan and I started looking for his wedding suit whilst we were in out, and found some really lovely options. It’s still hard for me to get my head around the fact that the wedding is only 4 months away, but I’m still absolutely planning it all and it’s making it feel so much more real now!

Sunday Roast

After we went to Manchester, we decided to head for a Sunday roast at one of our favourite pubs, The Met, in West Didsbury. It was so lovely and cosy in there and made us feel all Christmassy. We had a lovely hot chocolate afterwards and it was a really lovely Sunday afternoon.

Christmas Films

This week I’ve watched a couple of Christmas films – Home Alone and Love Actually – and it’s made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I really love having a chilled evening on the run up to Christmas and wrapping up in my duvet. Christmas films are just the best feel-good ones aren’t they?

What were you loving last week?

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