Weekly Love #33

August 21, 2017

And so it’s Monday yet again, and I can’t quite believe how fast these weeks are going by, but autumn is my favourite season, so I for one am happy to welcome the colder days and beautiful colours.

Plus I’ve got loads of exciting plans in September that I’ve been looking forward to for ages, so thats something to look forward to.

1. Salon Success

On Tuesday afternoon, I came home from work to a parcel from Salon Success. The parcel included a range from Kenra and a personalised beanie hat. I love receiving parcels from Salon Success because they are always such good quality, and allow me to try brands that I never would have had the chance to ordinarily, and I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of them all – and the hat was an added bonus too!

2. Pizza Thursdays

After a pretty stressful couple of days at work, I had started to become a bit under the weather and feeling sorry for myself. Being the absolute babe that she is, Hannah suggested that we should have a chilled night in and get a pizza takeaway. I met her in Chorlton, and we went to one of my favourite pizza places, Double Zero. We got a couple of pizzas to take away plus the antipasti board which I had last time I was in there – it’s safe to say that most of it was eaten on the car ride home.

3. Altrincham Market

On Friday evening, Jordan and I decided to go for a couple of drinks and some food at Altrincham Market. It’s one of my favourite places to go at the moment, even though it gets ridiculously busy on the weekends, but I love the atmosphere and that you never know who you’ll bump into (Altrincham is a small place!)

4. New Boots

One of the things I’ve noticed about my wardrobe is that I tend to wear the same thing no matter what season it is, and add tights where necessary. With this in mind, I thought it was about time that I invested in a new pair of black boots because my last pair got a bit tattered when we moved house and to me, they’re a wardrobe staple. I went for this pair from Boohoo in black, and got 20% discount too, so they only ended up costing me about £22!

5. Topshop Dress

On the same topic of new clothes, one of my goals for the month of August was to find a dress for my cousin’s wedding last Saturday. I searched online for ages because I didn’t have time to go to the shops, but I didn’t find anything I liked. When me and Jordan were in York, I tried on a floral wrap dress, from Topshop, which I think is a great style on me because it hides the fact I have bigger hips. I didn’t buy it when we were in York, and regretted it since, so I treated myself to it for the wedding: It’s one of those styles that I think I’ll be able to get away with in autumn too!

6. Family Lunch

As I just mentioned, it was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday in Huddersfield. My Dad drove me, Jordan and my Mum across and we met up with my Nan and a few other members of my extended family for lunch round the corner from the church. A lot of the wedding party had come up from London (where the groom is from) so it was really nice to get to know them before the ceremony started.

7. Wedding

Now onto the wedding – it was amazing! My cousin looked absolutely beautiful, and as soon as we left the church, the sun started shining, which meant we could have the drinks reception outside. I really enjoyed the whole day and spending time with my Dad’s side of the family, which I don’t often get to do because we’re all spread out so far across the country.

8. Sunday Morning Walk

After waking up with no hangover on Sunday, Jordan and I decided to go for a walk around the park opposite our house to clear our heads before the week ahead. It was a really lovely morning, and we ended up walking about 6km without even realising.

9. Superbad

Jordan mentioned to me the other day that it was 10 years since Superbad came out, which is one of my favourite films. We decided to have a chilled Sunday after our walk, and watched it in the afternoon after getting all the boring chores out of the way. I forgot how much I loved the film, and it was such a nice way to switch off on a Sunday.

10. No Makeup Days

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to give my skin a break on one of the weekend days and not wear makeup. As I had the wedding on Saturday, I thought it would be better to do it on Sunday, and I’ve found that my skin really benefits from having a break every now and again.


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8 responses to “Weekly Love #33”

  1. Natalia. says:

    I've been going make up free too! It's horrible the first day but gets surprisingly easy! My skin is loving me for it.

  2. I like your dress but you don't have big hips – even if you did, you dont need to hide them <3 xxxx

  3. Sounds like you've had a great week! I love going on walks at the weekends – it's such a great way to start the day! x


  4. It sounds like you had such a cute little week! Can't wait to see what you get up to next month too! xx

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