Weekly Love #14

April 10, 2017

Was it just me, or did last week feel as though it lasted about 4 times as long as any other week this year? Not that I’m complaining as it’s almost mid-April, which means it isn’t even that long until I turn 27 (June 13th if you’re saving up for anything special…)

The weather this weekend put me in a great mood – as well as the majority of the UK – and we even managed to spend some time in our new garden, although it still does need a bit of work doing to it…

Anyway, weekly love time!

1. Salon Success Parcel

This one is a little bit delayed because A) it became one of about a million boxes that got moved to the new house and B) I didn’t want to put it in my weekly love post before I had actually tried the products. I love being part of the Salon Success tribe and it’s a great way to test out products that ordinarily you wouldn’t be able to. This box included the Marula Oil range (a hairspray, primer and 3-in-1 styling cream) complete with a gorgeous monogrammed, marble notebook – every blogger’s dream. The products are really high quality and I’m excited to keep using them.

2. First Night

On Wednesday night, we had our first night in the house. I thought it was going to feel really strange, but I think because we took my mattress and all our bedding and pillows, it felt homey anyway. The one thing I’ll say is that our bedroom is SO dark. I was used to the wifi light and the fact that my old blinds were quite thin in my old bedroom, but I think it is better for your quality of sleep if you have a completely dark room – not so much if you need the toilet in the middle of the night though…

3. Housewarming

On Friday evening we had some of our close friends round to see the house. I had (impulse) bought a big cocktail dispenser so I decided to make a batch of Sangria, which was very summery and fruity, and surprisingly easy too (a little bit too easy…) we had pizza and all caught up which was lovely and I really liked entertaining in our home. Here’s to many more!

4. Saturday Walks

On Saturday we both had manage to wade off the hangovers (despite horrendously mixing beer, cider, wine, spirits and everything else under the sun) and decided to go for a walk to one of our favourite pubs in Didsbury, The Woodstock. We used to go here a lot when we lived at our flat there, but I hadn’t been for a while and it was really nice to sit in the beer garden. We walked home via the River Mersey and it felt lovely knowing that those kind of places are on our doorstep.

5. Simba Came Home

Over the weekend we’ve been getting Simba accustomed to the new house and I think he’s really taking to it. He’s been eating and sleeping as normal and being very loving towards us, which if you’ve ever met him, is a nice surprise! It felt strange not having him here for the first couple of nights, but now our little family home is complete with him. Here he is looking suitably unimpressed…

6. Sunday Lunch

As Sunday was still such a lovely day, I invited my Nan round for lunch as she was staying with my parents who were out for the day. She very kindly made a roast dinner and brought it over to the house, and we took a walk through the park opposite after lunch where they had a fair on. Next time she comes round I’ll insist on cooking though!

7. Friend Visits

Before we had lunch on Sunday, my friend Louise from college came round to see the house too. She lives in London now, and we only see each other every few months, so I always make sure to see her when she’s up visiting family. We had a lovely catch up and I already can’t wait for the next one where I’ll hopefully be visiting her down south.

8. Sushi

Even though we ate a roast dinner on Sunday, I decided I was still hungry for a proper meal later on in the evening. Although we had food in the house, we chose to have a sushi takeaway from a place in Sale where we’ve been a couple of times before – plus Just Eat had 25% off too, so it would have been rude not to. Sadly I ate it so quickly that I completely forgot to take a picture!

9. Masterchef

It’s not often I talk about TV programmes, but I am SO happy that Masterchef is back on. I’m a massive fan of cookery programmes, and I have watched the series for the last few years. We’d managed to miss quite a few of them with being out and moving still, so we had a lot to catch up on on Sunday evening.

10. Grand National

For the last two years I’ve flukily (who knew that was a word?) won on the Grand National by betting on the horses that have the best names or the prettiest silks (apparently the name of what the jockeys wear…) This year I wasn’t going to have a bet because no one had done a sweepstake at work and I thought what are the chances of winning three years in a row on a whim. Jordan is very much into horse-racing and was showing me a video on Facebook where all of the names flash up and you pause it on one. I decided that it couldn’t hurt to put a bet on, and that fateful horse was One For Arthur. We were walking back down the canal when the race was on and I really wasn’t paying attention, so when he said that it had won, I was in shock! Maybe I am lucky after all…

11. Friday Treat

On Friday I met up with my friend Sophie for a scone at Sugar Junction in Altrincham. It’d been a while since I had been there, but unfortunately, they were running low on cakes (I blame Easter holidays) so we both opted for the same, which they warmed up and had cherries in – very nice!


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  1. Congratulations on moving to your new home! I think I know who to come to next year when I need help on deciding who to bet on the grand national 😉 . My best friend's hubbie's best friend owns the Sugar Junction so I'll have a word with him the next time I see him and ask what's happened to the cake supply!

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