Weekly Love #66

April 16, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! I’m in a very chipper mood as I’ve spent the weekend exploring a new city which always puts a smile on my face: I also got to spend time with two of my favourite people, which is always a plus.

Last Friday also marked the one year to the wedding mark, which has come around so quickly – I can’t quite believe it. I’ve written this post about where we’re up to with the planning if you fancy a nosey.

Here are all the things I was loving last week.

Nobody’s Child Order

I was targeted (albeit, very effectively) by Nobody’s Child on Instagram stories, and I decided to have a little browse. I wasn’t in the market for anything new, but the sale was really good and there was 10% off as well so I picked up a few bits. As I’d never bought from there before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was really impressed and I ended up keeping most of it. It also came in a huge brown envelope which I wasn’t expecting, but thought was very cool!

Liz Earle

I finally replaced my Liz Earle ‘Cleanse and Polish’ after finishing it over a month ago and my skin could not be happier! I’ve been using a few different samples that I’d been sent, but nothing is as good as this cleanser and I’m so glad I bought another.

Wedding Shoes

This week I sorted out my wedding shoes from ASOS. I’d ordered a couple of pairs, but the main thing I wanted was to be comfortable and not have to worry about my feet on my big day. I’ve gone for a smaller heel than I usually would, but I’m glad I’ve ticked something else off the list.

Team Lunch

On Wednesday afternoon, my team and I decided to go for a team lunch at a place that my company own. The food was really lovely and it was nice to get out of the office for a bit of team bonding. I had cod goujons and sweet potato fries and it set me up nicely for the afternoon.

New Makeup

I treated myself to some new makeup bits from Primark last week including a brow gel, primer and concealer, and I tried them out for my work makeup this week. I know some people might think that because it’s cheap, it’s not the best product, but so far I’ve been really impressed.

Homemade Cooking

This week we’ve really made an effort to make homecooked meals from scratch. I love food (if you didn’t realise) and I’m starting to enjoy cooking more and more these days


I’ll be writing up my post about Eindhoven in the upcoming weeks, but I had to mention it on here as it was such a fun weekend. We booked the flights back in January in the sale and chose one of the cheapest places. I’ve been to Holland once before but knew nothing about Eindhoven which turned about to be quite the blessing in disguise.

Sushi Takeaway

After arriving back on Sunday evening, Jordan and I couldn’t be bothered cooking and treated ourselves to a sushi takeaway from one of our favourite places just down the road. I always like ordering sushi as it doesn’t make me feel as guilty but it still feels like a bit of a treat.

What have you been loving? 


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