Weekly Love #10

March 12, 2017

Can you believe we’re at the 10th instalment of my weekly love posts? How crazy quick has this year gone? I hope you’re all enjoying these posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

1. Catch Up’s

On Wednesday evening, I met up with some of my old work colleagues in Hale. We’ve had this in the diary since January and I was really looking forward to seeing them all again in a group. It’s been a year since I left the company but I’ve stayed in contact with them all. We caught up over great food and wine and it was lovely catching up on all of the work gossip.

2. Sigiriya

For the catch-up on Wednesday, we tried a new Sri Lankan restaurant, Sigiriya, that has recently opened. Where the restaurant has opened used to be a tapas restaurant, and when you walk in, the whole vibe and atmosphere are complete worlds apart. The entrance has amazing, colourful tiles, and the inside has authentic Sri Lankan decor with white washed walls, colourful cushions and lots of light: It was absolutely beautiful and a real change to other places on the same street. We shared poppadoms to start and I had devilled chicken (chicken breast cooked with ground black pepper, seasoned with chilli paste) rice and a peshawari nan. I was very impressed by the food which was quite like Indian cuisine but with most taste as less spice, and my old boss said it rivalled real Sri Lankan food: I’ll definitely be back!

3. Pizza Fridays

After putting the pizza parlour, Crazy Pedro’s, on my wish-list for the month, a few of us arranged to go on Friday evening after work. The Northern Quarter restaurant was downstairs on a side street, and was on the smaller side, but we all managed to squeeze on a table. The overall vibe was really cool and reminded me of a New York style pizza parlour with people sharing slices sat at the bar. On seeing the pizzas, we decided to share a few across the table as they were hugeee. The girls shared a Mac Daddy (basically a big mac on a pizza which doesn’t sound great, but was amazing) and a Gringo (pulled pork, jalapeños and tortilla chips) and the pizzas were amazing; they definitely lived up to the hype! If you’re ever in Manchester, I would definitely recommend this place. Plus it was 241 cocktails before 9 and a whole pizza for £10 – winner winner!

4. Brunch

On Saturday morning, my friend Emily had me over at her house for brunch as we are both trying to save money. She made a dish of tomatoes, red onion and kidney beans with vegan sausages, smashed avocado, kale and mini bagels and it was gorgeous – definitely proves that vegan food can be as tasty as everything else! We had a really lovely long chat about everything we both have planned for the future and I came away feeling really uplifted and positive.


Definitely making me feel like an old woman… We attempted IKEA last Sunday when it was raining, and got about 1/3 of the way round before I almost had a mental breakdown about how busy it was, abandoned our trolley (sorry staff!) and made a run for it. Dramatic yes… so we decided because to go on Saturday evening when it would be quieter. We got some bits and bobs which I don’t want to reveal yet (all will make sense soon) and I made it to the end without wanting to cry. Bonus!

6. The Bell Jar

This week myself and Hannah (from the amazing blog Hannah Gets Hench) started our own little book club. We chose The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath for personal reasons, and so far I am really enjoying it. I won’t go too much into the plot incase you fancy reading it, but it is a classic in the world of feminism and I’m already seeing that theme coming through. Power to the girls!

7. International Women’s Day

On the same topic as girl power, I really enjoyed the solidarity of everyone this International’s Women’s Day on Wednesday. I tried to join in with as many conversations on Twitter as I could, and spread the positivity with quotes and pictures on social media! It made me feel empowered and happy that I am part of a vocal and strong community.

8. Manchester Date Day

On Sunday, me and Jordan decided to go into Manchester for a mooch about. The weather made it look as though it would be beer garden time, although by the time we got to Manchester, it started to rain, but nevertheless we went to a food market in the Northern Quarter and had a wander around. We decided it had been a longgg while since we went to the cat cafe so we took a trip there, and went on to play pool afterwards at Black Dog Ballroom. For food we went to Yard and Coop and got a cake-away from Home Sweet Home – which actually made it all the way on the tram to my surprise, but was devoured as soon as the kettle boiled when we got in.


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2 responses to “Weekly Love #10”

  1. S, x says:

    It sounds like another fab week for you, and yet more yummy food! I'm feeling hungry now haha x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Ella WH says:

    IKEA is the best, I need to plan another visit soon! I want to get some storage space for in my kitchen but wanna but that I come out with lots of stuff I don't really need?! 😀 XX

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