Weekly Love #7

February 20, 2017

1. Massage

My auntie has recently taken over a salon in Alderley Edge (called Cheshire Beauty if you’re wondering) and offered me a complimentary treatment. On Tuesday I decided to take her up on the offer and went for a full body massage. The salon is right in the centre of Alderley Edge and it smelt amazing – think air diffusers, scented Neom candles, and massage oils. The treatment lasted around 45 minutes and was amazing. It reminded me that we all need to take a bit of time out for some self-care every now and again.

2. Baked Eggs

For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen recipes for baked eggs pop up all over the place, but I’d never actually tried making them even though I love eggs. Last week I found myself buying a book dedicated to cooking with eggs (I know, wild child, calm down…) and found a pretty easy recipe to follow as I am quite inept in the kitchen. We had it for dinner on Thursday after a very stressful day, and it was so easy to do! I can’t wait to do it more often and discover other dishes to try from my book. Maybe I’ll start the #eggupdate hashtag… (but probably not for my sanity…)

3. Jack Whitehall

On Wednesday I had a very intriguing text from a friend saying he had a spare ticket to Jack Whitehall on Friday night. If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that I absolutely love him as a comedian and actor so I jumped at the chance to see him again. We saw him about 3 years ago at the MEN and he didn’t disappoint this time either! His support act was also really good.

4. Artisan Market

If you know me, you’ll know I love a good food market. This weekend was the monthly Artisan Market in Wilmslow, so me and my boyfriend took a trip over that way on Saturday afternoon and met up with my Mum and my Nan and had a browse around the market. It turned out to be quite a lovely day weather-wise as well so really enjoyable overall. Plus, I will always welcome free samples of food!

5. Birthdays

On Saturday night I went in to Manchester for one of my oldest and dearest friend Emily’s birthday. We started at Eastern Bloc Records in the Northern Quarter and then onto Ply. It was a really nice group out and all of her friends who I hadn’t met before were lovely. I also managed to have a catch up with some of my favourite girls which always makes my weekends better.

6. Fashion Network 

On Friday lunchtime, I noticed that my latest blog had been shared on the Fashion Network facebook page which has over 5,000 unique likes. I’m not sure where they saw my post, but I was really chuffed that they had decided to share it. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion but it did make me really happy knowing that a brand like that wanted to share it!

7. Curling Wand

On Monday afternoon, I came home to a parcel from Salon Success. I’d seen on a couple of blogger’s posts recently that they were sent the curling wand kit to try out by Paul Mitchell, and I was lucky enough to have one too (as well as really love smelling hairspray and a brush). Because I didn’t have any proper plans during the week that warranted curly hair, I waited until Saturday to try it out, and it didn’t disappoint. The actual wand is a gorgeous copper colour and it heated up really quickly. I’m used to using a wand, so I found it easy to use and didn’t burn my fingers once #bonus. If you’re looking for a new styling wand, this one is out later this month.

8. Chapter One

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Hannah and myself had gone for tea and cake at Chapter One in the Northern Quarter and it was my new favourite place. Well on Sunday, I decided to head there again with her and my other friend Africa. I opted for a regular breakfast tea (because I panicked as I was fixated on the cakes) and a slice of Earl Grey lemon drizzle which sounded intriguing. The overall vibe of Chapter One is really chilled and we sat right next to the fire which was lovely as it was quite drizzly in Manchester. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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