Weekly Love #42

October 23, 2017

This week has taken it out of me a bit, and unfortunately, I have become ill after all of my efforts to ward off a cold; but misery aside, I’ve managed to fit as much into this week as I can.

1. The Botanist

Tuesday saw one of my team turning 30, which meant that we had something to celebrate by going to the pub. We’re lucky that we only work about a 5-minute walk into our nearest village where there are loads of lovely places to break up our day: Always a good way to brighten up a Tuesday.

2. Ezra And Gil

On Thursday, I was working in Manchester City Centre, when we decided to work from the Northern Quarter to have a change of scenery. We chose to go to Ezra and Gil which I’d never been to before. Although we only had coffee (and cake…) the food looked amazing. 100% going back for brunch!

3. Paul Smith Launch

On Thursday evening, I met my friend Jacinta for the launch of the Paul Smith store in Manchester. It had been a couple of months since we had last seen each other so we had loads to catch up on over lovely cocktails and amazing fashion. The store looked amazing, and it was such a cool event to be invited to.

5. Megan Ellaby

On the same thought, at the store opening, I met the gorgeous Megan Ellaby and her boyfriend George. If you’re not familiar with Megan, she is a blogger from Manchester, and I was a complete fangirl when I met her. She was so lovely and we had a really nice chat where I basically just sang her praises.

6. Birthdays

On Friday evening, it was one of my best friend’s birthdays so we had him round to ours. We had been out the weekend before, but I didn’t want the actual day to go past without doing anything. Because I wasn’t feeling great, we had him round to ours and had sticky toffee pudding and chilled out watching TV.

7. Saturday Walk

We decided to get some fresh air on Saturday morning to blow the cobwebs away and hope that my body just needed to get outside. We walked around Sale Water Park which is about five minutes from our house and it felt good to get some early morning exercise.

8. Bents Garden Centre

A bit later on Saturday, we went to Bents Garden Centre as they had a Christmas food market. We both got a Bratwurst followed by a crepe, which we ate whilst wandering through all of the Christmas displays, and it made me feel so festive. I’d never been to Bents before, but I’ve always heard people mention it, and it exceeded all my expectations – they had so much food and drink choice (including a tapas bar, which looked lovely) and loads of home stuff too.

9. Home Cooked Sundays

This Sunday, we decided to make a Thai red chicken curry in our slow cooker as we hadn’t used it for ages. We had to leave it for 6 hours, which was hard when the whole house smelt amazing, but it was worth it – we also whipped up some homemade flatbreads which turned out surprisingly well. I also decided to bake a banana bread because we

10. Makers Market

You might have heard me talk about the Makers Market on here before, but this weekend we visited the Withington one for the first time. It wasn’t as big as the other ones, but it still had all the best food options. I find it difficult to go anywhere and not spend money and ended up buying some smoked cheese.

What have you been loving this week?


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  1. Fee says:

    I hear you on it all getting too much and falling ill. I'm fighting off a cold now but the winds on the weekend were insane! Also, you definitely should brunch at Ezra & Gill, their beans on toast, full vegi breakfast, halloumi & roasted peppers are amazing!

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