27 Reasons I’m Happy Turning 27

June 9, 2017

Next Tuesday is my 27th birthday, which to me, marks the fact that I am officially a fully-grown, real-life adult (aka been winging it for the last 6 years).

I feel good about turning another year older. I feel like there is much more on the horizon for me this year, and I am excited about things to come; life is a journey at the end of the day.

26 was a hard year for me, yet there were some amazing memories that I will take away from it and cherish.

Here’s to turning 27, striving for positivity and all of the great things to come.

1. Two more weddings – this summer, my cousin and one of my closest friends are tying the knot and I can’t wait to spend quality time with some friends and family.

2. Paris – next weekend, Hannah and I are going to Paris for the weekend and I haven’t been since year 9 so I can’t wait.

3. Attending more blogging events – there are always more events during the summer months, and I’m excited to catch up with some of my favourite girls.

4. Ascot – if you know my boyfriend at all, you’ll know he is obsessed with horse racing. This year we treated ourselves to Ascot tickets, although I’m already panicking about what to wear…

5. Summer weather – hopefully, we’ll get some more sunshine!

6. BBQ’s – I’ve already got two in the diary, so here’s hoping for more.

7. Our house – I’m hoping that we can do some of the decorating and bits and bobs that we’ve been putting off for a while.

8. More UK trips – I’m really lucky to have been to some lovely places in the last year including York, Oxford and Cornwall, and I’m hoping to take more advantage of those on my doorstep.

9. Friends fest – I’m a massive Friends fan, even 13 years after it finished, so I can’t wait to go in August.

10. Concerts – so far I’ve got a couple of concerts booked to see some of my favourite bands. I’m hoping I can fit some more in too.

11. Hen do – for my friend’s wedding in September, we are hiring a huge house near York and going to a festival nearby where Kaiser Chiefs are playing.

12. Gin Festival – the one I went to in March are popping up all over the place, so I’d be eager to go back and sample some of the ones I didn’t last time.

13. Food festival – on that note, we always seem to go to a couple of food festivals over the summer which are a great way to support local businesses and try new cuisines.

14. Autumn city break – I’ve been looking at some different options for a short autumn city break. So far I’m leaning towards Stockholm or Copenhagen, so if you have any tips, send them my way.

15. Cooking classes – I’ve not been shy in saying that I really really don’t like cooking, so this year I am determined to learn some new skills, and maybe even try a cooking class.

16. Brighton – we’ve booked a little trip to Brighton for Jordan’s birthday, and I’m really looking forward to going, as neither of us have been before.

17. Christmas – I know, I know, it’s too early, but I’m already really excited for our first Christmas as homeowners.

18. Italy – I’m going back to my favourite country in the whole world in September, and I already can smell the pizza and prosecco.

19. 30th – three of my closest friends are turning 30 before the end of the year and I can’t wait to celebrate with them.

20. My Nan’s 90th – if any of you have ever heard me speak about my Nan, you know that she is a massive inspiration. On August bank holiday, she will be hosting the whole family for her 90th birthday and even sent us a save the date.

21. Scotland – two of my best friends are currently living over the border, so I’m going to make it my mission to spend more time up there.

22. Edinburgh – following on from that, I really want to go back to Edinburgh at Christmas, because it was just the most magical place.

23. Travels – two of my best friends are going travelling this year, and although I’m incredibly jealous, I’m happy they are following their dreams.

24. Motivation – recently I’ve felt so more motivated in terms of work, blogging and my overall life. Long may it continue!

25. Family – my family moved over here from America last summer, I’m looking forward to spending more time with them when the kids have their summer holidays.

26. Trying new restaurants – there are so many new restaurants popping up all over the place in Manchester. This year I really want to make the effort to try some of the new ones and stop going to so many chains. I’m starting with Tattu next week for my birthday.

27. Mental health – this last year has seen my mental health be totally rocked by a number of different events. I wouldn’t say I’ve been hiding it away, but sometimes it is so easy to push all negativity and anxiety to the back of your mind and not tell anyone. This year I am going to tackle it full on, make regular appointments with counsellors, be prescribed the right medication, and hopefully, find a better life balance.


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  1. Hayley says:

    I loved Tattu when I went! So picturesque and lovely food and cocktails. Have a lovely time xx

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