Five Minute Blog Post // How I’m Changing My Buying Habits

October 21, 2018

Clothes rail full of clothes

The following post was written in 5 minutes, timed.

It’s not often that I talk about controversial topics on my blog, but recently, you can’t go on social media, watch the news or even enter a debate without the topic of ‘how we are destroying the earth coming up.

Last week I watched ‘Fashion’s Dirty Secrets’ and it shocked me. I’m not saying I’m the biggest clothes buyer in the world, and certainly in recent years, my love of fashion has died down as my love of travelling has increased, but it is still something I am interested in.

If you haven’t watched the program, you really should: It is not only a stark realisation but also about the ways in which our fashion habits are affecting the planet, and I for one had no idea previously.

It’s hard to say I will never buy a last minute order on ASOS again for an occasion or do the odd Topshop shop here and there, but it really put things into perspective, and especially from my fashion habits, I’ll be looking to do clothes swaps, limit the amount of orders I make and invest in some more statement pieces that will last a lot longer.

And there are other ways I want to do my bit too – taking a train instead of a plane where possible, limiting the number of plastic items I use at the supermarket and in my day to day life, and decreasing my meat consumption.

When you start looking into it, there is so much we can do as human beings to lessen the effects that our habits are currently having. I’m not saying drastically change your life, but it is important that we educate ourselves as to what our decision making can do.

If there is one thing you take away from this brain dump, it would be to read up on what you personally can do to help combat not only climate change but everything else we fall responsible for. You may think that one person can’t change the world, but collectively, we can all make a difference.

Have you made any changes to help the planet?

8 responses to “Five Minute Blog Post // How I’m Changing My Buying Habits”

  1. Laura Lucas says:

    Love this post, great little read Ellie! xxx

  2. MissPond says:

    I’m not really a shopper, and I must admit I wear dresses I bought 3/4/5 years ago. I only refresh my wardrobe when I feel I need too. I’ve never understood those that go on crazy sprees and then never wear it again! (Maybe it’s because I’m the daughter of an accountant – lol!) I’d rather invest in staple pieces!

    • ellie says:

      That’s so good of you! I do tend to keep clothes a lot, but I am partial to a bit of a haul now and again so I’ll definitely be investing in pieces that have a lot of wear and buying off other people xxx

  3. Naomi says:

    So true and even though there’s so many ways we can change most of them are really easy and simple!

  4. Faye Bradley says:

    I’ve learnt that all I really need is a big backpack full of stuff and I don’t need to keep buying – It’s hard because we always want a new outfit – being back in aus I notice a ban on plastic bags but in Bali they were given to you for fun! Yet I think they consume far less meat – I think we all need to take a few steps to find the balance ♥️

  5. Lacey says:

    I’m glad to see you make the effort to change how you shop Ellie! I think buying second hand and shopping less often is something we need to consider a lot more, especially with all this news coming about!

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