Eindhoven Food Recommendations

September 6, 2018

As with any of my trips abroad, food is always a huge part, and this one was no different when I took a trip to Eindhoven earlier in the year. I shared all of my tips for spending 48 hours in the city here, and today and I’m going to talk about the food places I would recommend too if you were planning an autumn trip to Holland.


Happiness Cafe

We walked past The Happiness Cafe on our walk to the hotel and immediately decided to go back the next day as they advertised healthy breakfast as well as smoothies and eggs – the perfect combination.

When we arrived, we all mentioned the boho vibe of the shop and how amazing the cakes and sweet treats looked on the counter. The menu had loads of options including vegan and gluten-free, and the smoothies all sounded amazing.

We decided to share three dishes between us – the pancakes, poached eggs and an acai bowl, and they were all so delicious but I think my favourite was the pancakes, which I would highly recommend as they came with loads of topping varieties.


Street Food Market

To me, one of the best things about Europe is the food markets that seem to have a presence in every European city, and Eindhoven was no different. The ‘Down Town Gourmet Market’ was right in the centre and had loads of options from Mexican to Japanese to Wood-Fired Pizzas.

The only downside was how popular this place was so it made it a bit difficult to grab a seat inside, but there were plenty of tables outside, where there were more bars too – winner winner!

You could also download the app and have your food brought directly to your table, which made it far too easy to indulge in desserts and wine.


La Gitana

Tapas is something I often lean towards when on holiday as I love having a few different bits to pick from. We found La Gintana on our first night, and at first thought, we wouldn’t be able to get in because it looked pretty full, but there was, in fact, a huge downstairs part to the restaurant.

We were talked through the menu and were very intrigued by the ‘all you can eat’ option which cost us €30 each. You order the food through an iPad and it came really quickly, which made us all the more happier. The portions were decent size as well – at the end of the meal, we figured that we’d had around 40 dishes between us, plus some delicious sangria.

Happy Italy

Is there anything better than a big bowl of pasta with not one, but TWO balls of mozzarella? Yes, it may have been slightly indulgent of me to eat the whole thing, but it was so delicious I couldn’t stop. Not only was it a cheesy haven (with added parmesan for good measure) the vine tomatoes and tangy sauce made it all the more enjoyable.

This restaurant was in the main square, and although there was a queue, we were seated quite quickly. The menu was really inexpensive too and the portion sizes were huge.


Brood 2 Day

Caffeine is a big deal in my life, and although I’m more of a tea drinker, I do like the occasional coffee. After a full day of walking around, we refuelled at a little coffee place called Brood 2 Day which even gave you a little cube of cake to go with your hot drink – it’s the little things eh?



There certainly wasn’t a shortage of bars in Eindhoven, that’s for sure, and they were all really lively over the weekend we were there as it was the end of the football season.

We went for coffee at this place on a whim on our last morning in Eindhoven, and I wish we’d discovered it sooner because it was such a cool restaurant and bar and they had loads of cocktails on offer.

And there you have my food and drink recommendations for the little city of Eindhoven. Let me know if you visit any and what you think!

What’s your favourite kind of food when you go away?

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