9 Reasons I’d 100% Go Back To Berlin

August 25, 2017

It’s coming up to six months since I visited Berlin back in March, but since then, I have been toying with the idea of going back for a few days either at the end of this year or maybe next because it was one of those places that gets under your skin.

Because I had to fly back early to sort out the final paperwork for buying our house, I felt as though my time there was slightly cut short, which meant that there were a few things I didn’t get round to doing that were on my list.

There’s are some of the reasons that I would definitely go back:

1. The People

I don’t know where the connotation that German people aren’t friendly because I’ve never found that to be the case. I had my first experience of their hospitality when I visited Hamburg last Christmas, and Berlin was no different. The Germans are very proud of their country, but they also want to share it with tourists, which is very welcoming.

2. The History

I was recommended a walking tour of Berlin by a friend, and I’m so glad we did it. You see so much more walking around a city with a guide than you do on the top of a bus or trying to figure it out by yourself. We saw where Hitler shot himself in the bunker, where the east and west divide was and learnt all about the Berlin wall, which I had no idea about previously.

3. The Food

Where we stayed in Mitte, we were surrounded by incredible restaurants, and I wish we had have been there longer to try them out. There were loads of Asian inspired ones, burger joints, and classic German cuisine amongst so many others (including an amazing ice cream place!) If you’re ever struggling of where to stay in Berlin, I would recommend the Mitte district because it has everything on your doorstep, but is also close to the underground station too. We also went to a food hall in Kreuzberg which had loads of different options and live music.

4. The Graffiti

If there’s one thing Berlin does well, it’s the graffiti. The city has so much to offer, from building-high murals to random bits on the trams, but it’s all amazing and so colourful. One of my favourite memories of the trip was visiting the East-side gallery, which I would definitely recommend if you’re visiting the city.

5. The Music Scene

One of the areas I wish we’d had more time to explore was Kreuzberg because from what I did see, it looked absolutely crazy – in the best way possible. I was only there for two nights, so we didn’t manage to fit in any of the megaclubs, but the bars we went to really impressed me and the music was very eclectic.

6. The Beer

One of the places we visited on our last night was the Hofbrau beer hall, which I’d heard a few people talk about, and I really enjoyed it. They had a selection of different draft beers and the waitress talked us through them all and recommended the different ones based on our personal tastes. We also went to a couple of craft beer bars, where the bar staff were so knowledgeable and gave us loads to try, which went down a treat. If there’s one thing the Germans know, it’s their beer!

7. The Museums

The one thing I really wish we had more time for was to visit the museums because the walking tour we went on was so interesting. I would have liked to go to the Jewish and the Holocaust museum and have a look around museum island, which I believe is a UNESCO world heritage site itself.

8. The Atmosphere

I’ve never heard of anyone going to Berlin and not enjoying it, so I had high hopes for the city, which were definitely met. There is so much to do, and incredible events going on throughout the year and the buzz of the place is electric. We saw people spontaneously beat-boxing on the street, piling into the bars and restaurants at all hours of the day, and basically enjoying everything the city had to offer.

9. The Prices

You’d think that with Berlin being a capital city, the cost of things would be extremely high, but I actually found the opposite. We spend about £8-£12 on our evening meals and lunch was cheaper than that. For a stein of beer, it was about £3 and other cocktails weren’t much more. The Germans like their happy hour too, so definitely seek these out if you’re after a deal!

So there are the 9 reasons I’d 100% go back to Berlin.
I hope that my wish comes true in the next year or so!

Are there any places that you would recommend? 


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4 responses to “9 Reasons I’d 100% Go Back To Berlin”

  1. I really want to visit Berlin, it sounds so good! x


  2. I love Berlin and would go back in a heartbeat – loved the culture and friendliness of the place. My fave spot was Klunkerkranich, a rooftop space. I covered some other places in my post too.



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