An Easy Way To Eat And Drink In London

September 22, 2018

As a Mancunian, eating out in London isn’t something I do all that often, but now I’ve started a new job, I’m there at least twice a month, and usually more often. When I stay for a couple of days, it’s a really good chance to get out and enjoy some new restaurants as London has so many to offer. I’ve recently been using Squaremeal when I’m down south and it’s been such a help in trying to find somewhere to tickle my fancy.

The food scene in London is incredible – from markets to Michelin star restaurants and everything in between, it definitely has something for everyone and every time I’m down there, I like to try something new as food is such a huge part of my life. As well as a lot of chains, there are also loads of independent¬†places to visit which all have something amazing to offer and Squaremeal is a great place to get them all in one place.

My head office is in Angel, Islington, which is in central London, and near loads of cool bars and restaurants, but it isn’t an area I know all that well. As I usually stay in a hotel near the office, I’ve started to discover what is around there in terms of where to eat and drink by using the website, Squaremeal, which is a great way to learn about the area.

Not only can you say whether you want a restaurant, bar or pub in a particular area, but you can also request places for a private dining venue too, which is great if you have clients that you want to wine and dine in the capital. There is something very grown up with booking a private dining experience, and it is something I’ve always wanted to do or attend as a food blogger, especially in London as I can imagine the venues are just incredible.

Squaremeal is great because it has all the suggestions at your fingertips, and also it can help you find a venue too; whether it’s for a party, meeting, conference or even a wedding, you can put in your criteria and find exactly what you’re looking for, which is great when you need a few different options for your event.

Squaremeal isn’t restricted to London, and in fact, I’ve used it to find meeting spaces in Birmingham and Leeds too, which has been really helpful as I don’t know those cities all that well, and after a hard day at work, finding somewhere local to have dinner is a bit of a blessing.

If I hadn’t already booked my wedding venue, I definitely would use Squaremeal as it gives you all the information you need in a list form including how many people the reception room can hold, if there are any bedrooms that come with the venue and has lots of pictures of each place – it even lets you add it to an enquiry list.

I would definitely recommend using this service if you’re looking for a place to eat or a venue for whatever your reason, and it’s so simple to use too which is always a bonus.

Where do you like to eat out in London?

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