My Top Travel Memories From 2018

December 28, 2018

I did a similar post last year which documented my favourite memories from 2017, but as the last 12 months have included more travel for me than ever before, I thought I would round up what really stood out this year. It’s also been a year that I’ve worked with some incredible brands from Visit England and TUI to Marco Polo and Radisson.

This year has only sparked my wanderlust to go far and wide and see more of the world and I’m excited to start planning some more trips in the upcoming months; but first, here are my top 14 travel memories of 2018.

Roman Baths

I worked with Visit England back in February, and they very kindly took Jordan and I to Bath where we stayed with SACO apartments, the ultimate home away from home. The town itself was one of the most picturesque places I have ever been and there is so much more I want to explore that I can’t wait to plan another trip there.

First time on the slopes

The last company I worked for very kindly took us to Val Thorens for a 4 day ski-trip back in March and it was my first time ever on the slopes. The resort itself was incredible and the weather was amazing for the time we were there. I have so many funny memories from the trip including having to slide down a green run on my bum, tipsy, in a snow storm, and having a dance off with the CEO. Although the skiing part wasn’t my favourite, I had such an incredible time.

Discovering Eindhoven

On the 1st January this year, a couple of friends and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to somewhere that we had never heard of in the January sales, and thus were left with Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It was really interesting going somewhere that we knew nothing about, but it ended up being such a fun weekend.

Staying at the Wittenberg

The lovely people at SACO apartments got in touch when their new residence in Amsterdam, The Wittenberg, was opening and invited us down to visit. Amsterdam is somewhere I have been before, and I usually have a rule not to go back to the same place more than once, but it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down, and it was lovely to go with Jordan as it was his first time. There was a familiarity that I had from my last visit, but we explored so many new areas and learnt so much about the city.

Birthday in the Lakes

After a few hectic months, and having a job interview on my 28th birthday, we thought it would a good idea to escape the madness and head to the Lake District for a bit of chill-out time and to celebrate my birthday. We stayed at Keswick Reach Lodge Retreat and had such a lovely time switching off from reality.

British summer

I thought I had to mention that we had one of the best summers I can remember here in England, and thinking back, it was full of such amazing memories from the World Cup to lazy days in the garden. As much as I love winter, I am looking forward to a bit of sunshine again.

Dune bashing Dubai

It was my second trip to Dubai back in June, and something that I wanted to do was dune bashing, which is where you’re taken into the desert in a 4×4 and driven up and down the dunes by a crazy driver with absolutely no fear. It was so scary at the time, but also really fun and something I’ll never forget.

Boat trip Sardinia

I love a boat trip whilst I’m away, and the one that we did in Sardinia was one of my favourites. It was a full-day excursion, but we went to so many different and secluded beaches and it was not like anything I have ever done before. I love Italy so much that the whole trip brings a smile to my face.

Sunbathing in Germany

Germany isn’t the place that springs to mind when I think of a sunbathing holiday, but when Jordan and I visited Cologne for his birthday back in August, they were going through a crazy heatwave of about 36-38 degrees which meant that we had time to soak up some rays. Luckily our hotel had a pool which made it more comfortable too!

Every single second of Croatia

There isn’t one moment of Croatia that I can pick out as a favourite because I loved every single one. We were so lucky to be able to create our dream trip with TUI and had such a lovely time for the 5 days that we were there. Croatia isn’t somewhere that I knew much about but I am already itching to go back because I loved it so much. We visited Split & Dubrovnik and I’ve never been to anywhere as unique and beautiful as them both – a definite recommendation from me!

Copenhagen Botanical gardens

I’d wanted to visit Copenhagen for as long as I could remember, and luckily my friend Lily was up for a last minute trip to the city. We were there for about 48 hours but managed to fit loads in and walked everywhere too. One of my favourite memories of the break was going to the botanical gardens as it was autumn when we went and the colours were so stunning.

Exploring the Baltics

Latvia and Estonia have to be two of the most diverse places I’ve ever been to, but I loved that about them. A couple of friends had been to Tallinn before and said it was a must-do so we made it our mission to fit in a day trip there when we were visiting Riga. I loved both of these places as they were a stark contrast to anywhere I had been before, but were so interesting to explore.

Nazi Rally Grounds

When in Nuremberg, what is something you have to do? Visit the Nazi Rally Grounds. Not the most joyous of places if truth be told, but one that is so steeped with history, it’s a must-visit if you’re in the city. I loved Nuremberg as it made me feel all festive, but this was one of the stand out places that we visited.

Spending time getting to know London

Since getting a new job back in July, I’ve spent time in London every other week, sometimes for the day and sometimes for longer, but each time it has allowed me to discover a new area of our capital city, and made me a bit more familiar with it. I’ve always loved London, and now even more so.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about my travel memories from the year. I can’t wait to continue to make travel-related content for 2019 and book some more trips that I’ve been dreaming of. Catch you next year!

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