Dubai Travel Diary

October 5, 2018

Now that we’re in autumn, it is the perfect time to finish the crazy place of Dubai. I travelled there back in June, and it was far too hot when we went, and the previous time we went at the start of November and it was much more bearable, so now is the perfect time to share my Dubai Travel Diary with you all.

As it was my second time to the emirate, we didn’t do a lot of the touristy things, as I ticked a lot of them off last time I was there, when we went for a week. This time we were there for 4 days which was a good amount of time to go for as Dubai can get quite tiring if you’re there for longer, but that isn’t saying that it isn’t the perfect place for a few days at the beach too.

Day 1

Instead of flying to Dubai with Emirates, we actually flew to Abu Dhabi with Etihad as it was cheaper, and they put on a shuttle bus to take you to the bus station in Dubai which takes just under an hour. Our flight time was around 9am, which meant we landed about 6:30pm and were in Dubai for about 8:00pm after we had gone through passport control.

As I mentioned, we were there to visit our friend, who very kindly picked us up from the bus station and took us back to his apartment block at Dubai Creek and we went for margaritas in the bar in his hotel and caught up. The good thing about Dubai is that it’s only 3 hours ahead of the UK, which really just seems like a shorter day.

Day 2

As our friend was working on our second day there, we decided to take advantage of the pool and relaxed there for the majority of the day – by this point, the temperature had reached 45 degrees, so the pool was very much appreciated. At around 4pm he came back and said that he’d booked us to go to the desert with a driver, and we were going dune bashing, which sounded amazing.

The last time we visited Dubai, we went on quad bikes through the desert, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, so I knew this would be good too. We were with another couple and our driver, who drove us out to meet 4 other cars and then we hit the dunes, which was absolutely terrifying but exhilarating and something I would definitely recommend doing if you visit.

After about 2 hours on the dunes and a stop to take some photos of the sunset, we headed to a restaurant in the middle of nowhere to meet up with other tour companies and had a buffet dinner whilst watching belly dancers, which sounds crazy but was really fun.

When we got back to the apartment, later on, we headed to watch the fountains outside the Burj Khalifa and to a bar for some drinks where I had to reluctantly watch the World Cup – the only problem with going on holiday with your guy friends.

Day 3

We always knew that we were going to go for brunch when we visited, as Dubai take it to a whole new level with unlimited food and drink for 3 hours – and not just prosecco like we have in the UK – there is a full cocktail and shot menu too, and the food is also really good: The brunch that we went to was at The Meridian near the airport.

After meeting up with a few friends, we headed to an Irish bar called McGettigan’s where it was lady’s night, meaning me and another girl drank for free. If you are heading there with a group of girl friends, I would research when and where the lady’s nights are as they save you a fortune.

We then headed to a western themed bar called The Stables, which had a bucking broncho where a lot of drunk people were making a fool out of themselves, my friends included, before calling it a night about 2:30am after over 12 hours drinking – definitely the messiest day I’ve had in a while.

Day 4

Our final full day was spent recovering in bed in the morning, before heading to the pool for a few final hours before heading to The Palm for some lunch. We went to see the infamous Dubai Atlantis hotel and chilled by the sea for a while.

Afterwards, we headed to the JBR region which had been completely redone since the last time we were there and was such a cool place. There was a beach as well as loads of bars and restaurants and live music.

As our flight was early in the morning from Abu Dhabi, we started to make our way over to the neighbouring emirate and headed to Yas Island, where the Formula One track is. Obviously, there was more football on, so we took solace in a bar for a couple of hours and ordered pizza and beer to see off the holiday.

We got to the airport around midnight for our flight and said our goodbyes before making our way back to Manchester on the overnight flight – something I won’t be doing again as I found it really hard to sleep and was exhausted by the time we arrived, but that may have been the intense 4-day holiday too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about our holiday to one of the best places I’ve visited, and I would love to know whether you’ve ever been or have any plans to go.

Have you been to Dubai? What did you think?

6 responses to “Dubai Travel Diary”

  1. Chyaz says:

    Your trip sounded SO much fun!! Absolutely stunning photos too, those landscapes are unreal – it’s really made me want to visit Dubai. Need a holiday so bad! x

  2. Dubai is a place I’ve ALWAYS wanted to visit! Your photos are gorgeous too and it’s given me major envy haha! X

  3. Sounds fabulous- as a female football fan I love watching a game when I’m away. I’ve never visited Dubai but it us on my places to visit list!

    • ellie says:

      You definitely should! I know a lot of people don’t think it will be their cup of tea, but I’ve honestly had the best time when I’ve been. There is so much to do and discover and it’s so varied 🙂 xxx

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