48 Hours In Dubrovnik

October 24, 2018

On today’s blog, I’ll be sharing how we spent the next two days of our trip in Dubrovnik and what we did whilst we were there. If you haven’t read about the first three days we spent in Split, you can find the post here.

Day 4

Dubrovnik and Split were two very different places: Split had more of a city and harbour-feel, whereas Dubrovnik felt as though it was steeped in history (and it was bloody steep too!) The amazing thing about Dubrovnik is the Old Town, which is encased in huge stone walls, making it quite a unique place to visit and explore.

We arrived in Dubrovnik about 1pm after a 4-hour coach journey from Split, which stopped off in Bosnia for a lunch break (side note – Bosnia is beautiful and definitely somewhere I would like to explore more of). We were picked up by a driver and taken to our apartment which was just outside the city walls.

We decided to make the most of having the beach on our doorstep and went down to the sea for the afternoon. The beach we chose was Banje beach, which overlooks the Dubrovnik Old Town harbour and has a rocky and a sandy area too.

After a couple of hours relaxing and swimming in the sea, we decided to head back to the apartment and get ready for dinner: It was lovely to have the time to relax after a pretty hectic few days in Split. Our apartment was situated by the North entrance of the walls and from there you were at the highest point of the Old Town.

We walked along the walls for a bit, which is something I would definitely recommend doing, before going to get some food and drinks. The Old Town was just as clean as Split and incredibly beautiful and it was a gorgeous evening watching the sunset with a gin and tonic in hand. There were loads of shops selling local antiques and clothing which were all beautiful.

We went to a couple of cocktail bars as it was our last night, and headed off for an ice cream near to where we were staying before heading back to the apartment for the night which was only a short walk away (albeit… uphill!)

Day 5

The next morning, I woke up early and went in the cable car to the top of the mountain, where you can see all of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. It was beautiful and calm at the top of the mountain, but even for first thing in the morning, it was really busy. If you visit Dubrovnik on a clear day then going up to the highest part, is something you should 100% do as the views were incredible, but I would recommend doing as early as possible and buying your ticket in advance.

After we had packed our things up at our apartment, we headed into the Old Town to find somewhere from breakfast. What I really loved about Dubrovnik was the number of food choices they had available to us and how the side streets really felt as though you were in the depths of Europe. There were traditional Greek tavernas to fancy Italian restauants and everything and anything in between.

We had been offered to take a day trip to Montenegro, but it would have only left us 30 minutes to get to the airport by the time the coach was back, and I didn’t feel like having that hanging over us for the whole day. I would love to visit Montenegro one day though and hope to get out there in the near future as I have heard it is beautiful.

If that is something you wanted to do as well, there were loads of daily tours to Budva, the Blue Caves and also to Mostar in Bosnia, which looked equally as stunning. Tui provides all of these tours as add-ons when you book your flights as well as loads more options to choose from.

We opted for a walking tour of the Old Town, which latest a couple of hours and included learning about the history and how it came to be it’s own city within a city. There was also a lot of talk of Game of Thrones and where the scenes were filmed, which was really interesting, even if you didn’t watch the programme. If you were thinking of doing one of the guided tours, I would definitely say you need comfy shoes as it’s a very steep city and there are a lot of stairs. We walked to the city’s two bars that are within the walls, which gave you amazing views across the ocean.

A couple of hours later, with another ice cream in hand, we headed for an hour-long boat ride, around the island of Lokrum. We were on a glass bottom boat, but in all honesty, we didn’t really see anything spectacular, but it was nice to be out on the ocean and the views were amazing. Our last couple of hours were spent on the beach, soaking up the last of the sunshine before returning to rainy Manchester.

Dubrovnik is a place I felt I could have spent a lot more time in, as it’s a really good base for discovering other surrounding areas including Bosnia and Montenegro, but I felt as though the two days we had there were enough to experience the city itself. The beaches were a lot closer to where we were staying than in Split and they were just as beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what we got up to on our 5 days in Croatia, and thank you again to Tui for the experience and making our trip one to remember.

Have you been to Dubrovnik before? What did you think?


4 responses to “48 Hours In Dubrovnik”

  1. I love Dubrovnik! Such a beauty, and enjoyed your images – especially the ones with the architecture details 🙂

  2. Wow! Looks stunningly beautiful,. Definitely on my top 10 locations to visit.

  3. Faye Bradley says:

    This makes me wish I was back there ! So glad you loved it and I agree about two days being enough to explore even though it is a wonderful place to spend time xx

  4. lacey says:

    dubrovnik looks like such a beautiful place! I especially love the little lamps with branding down the small streets!

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