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October 27, 2018

light blue Mini car

Planning your wedding can actually be a really tricky thing to do. There can be so much you need to think about, from shopping for your dress to sorting out the guest list. But, sometimes the wedding transport can be an afterthought or something you don’t think about until the last minute.

Today I thought I would give you a few wedding themes and the type of transport options you could consider.

The DIY Wedding

If you are having a more DIY wedding then cost and budget are going to be vitally important to you. Looking to borrow a family member’s car could be a cost-effective idea. You may have someone you know who has a convertible car, or something that is a little different. Now is the time to ask the question and see if you can borrow it for the day.

You could then dress it up by placing some ribbon across the bottom in ivory or colour to suit the theme of your wedding. Being frugal with your transport can save a lot of money which could go towards other things to do with your wedding.

The Glamorous Wedding

If you are putting on a truly glamorous affair then the transport needs to match. You want something that is classic and has the wow factor for this type of wedding. So considering a limousine might be the perfect choice for you. You could go for a sleek black or an ivory white to make a statement on your big day.

You could look at a chauffeur service, and companies like Seamless Chauffeur could be worthwhile. Some even have other options available that could add that extra something to your wedding: The transport could be a real talking point for this kind of wedding.

The Boho Wedding

If your style is a little more relaxed and Boho then again you will want your transport to match your theme of the wedding. It would be a good consideration to think about a retro car for your day. Something from the 70’s or 80’s perhaps.

A Ford Cortina or even a retro Mini could be great choices for your day. They will add a touch of old-style chic to your big day and will also make great backdrops for wedding photographs. If you’re having a boho style wedding dress you can team it with the retro car for an amazing effect.

The Exotic wedding

Maybe you are getting married in an exotic location, perhaps a little island in the middle of nowhere. An exotic wedding often means that you have minimal guests so you can go all out with your transportation. A great idea would be to arrive on a seaplane to your exotic location.

An exotic wedding doesn’t need much transport involved. You may already be at your location that you are marrying in, so even just walking to your future husband could be memorable. It may be a sandy walk along a beach or a scenic route through picturesque gardens. Savour the quiet moments before beginning your new life as a wife.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for something you may not originally have thought about.

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  1. lacey says:

    I have no idea what kind of transport I would want for my wedding. Knowing me, I would forget about it altogether and have to walk!

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