Wedding Talk // Why Bath Is The Perfect Destination For Your Hen Do

October 28, 2018

If you’re looking to throw a sophisticated, fun, classy hen do with lots of activities and a great European setting, then Bath, in Southwest England, is the perfect destination for you. It is the perfect combination of European cultural experience teamed with great fashion for you to shop and an even greater nightlife for you to enjoy.

The town is famous for its natural hot springs and beautiful 18th Century Georgian architecture. The city is surrounded by some beautiful scenic views and an amazing marvel that justifies the name of this town; a Roman bath, in the middle of the city. So it’s no surprise that this town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, joining the list of Machu Picchu, the Vatican City and of course Rome.  

So if you’ve got a bride who likes culture, quiet, scenic and beautiful, European aesthetics, then you’ve got to throw her a Bath hen do. Here’s a list of all that you can do, and more, if you plan a Bath hen do.


There is a lot to see in this town which impressed the likes of author Jane Austen and Georgian gentleman Ralph Allen. You and your girl gang could start your day with a tour of the Roman Baths, which have been in place since AD43 and relive the experience of how people relaxed back in those days. The famous temple of Sulis Minerva built in 75 BC, around the biggest of the three hot springs in the city, is also a must see in Bath. These two are the best of the Roman architecture that remains in England. Findings of archaeological digs like altar stones, mosaics have been put on display around the Great Bath and the museum.

If the idea of seeing all this beautiful Roman architecture impresses you, then you can experience the great bath as well by checking out some of the spa packages which are available on the Roman Baths website.

Once you’re ready to get over the Roman marvels and move on, you need to check out the Royal Crescent and The Circus. The Royal Crescent is an arc of Georgian townhouses which are made of a honey-coloured stone and have massive green lawns in the front. Designed by John Wood the Younger, the purpose of this structure was to give the rich an experience of living in the countryside but in the centre of the city, and you’ll agree when you see this, that he didn’t fail in achieving this.

The Circus was built by John Wood the Elder and is a 360-degree architecture wonder. It was inspired by famous wonders like Stonehenge and classical Roman architecture and designs.

There are many other tourist attractions for you to check out such as the famous Pulteney Bridge which is one of the four such structures that exist in the world and brings a touch of Italy to the town of Bath.


Activities And Nightlife

No hen do is complete without some fun activities and a rocking nightlife. There are plenty of hen do ideas and activities in Bath for you to choose from. You can spend an entire day engaging in some outdoor and sports activities like archery, assault rifle, clay pigeon shooting, dodgeball or the famous,  it’s a knockout if you’re in the mood to wear silly costumes, slide, jump and get out the inner child in you.

If you and your girl gang are in the mood for something more entertaining and fun, then you can opt for dance classes of various kinds. There are classes for Bollywood dance, 70’s dance, 80’s dance, Beyonce dance, pop stars dance, salsa, Spice Girls dance and more, so you have a range of dances to choose from, whichever one you like.

The nightlife of Bath is no less when it comes to dancing and getting tipsy on your hen do. Famous nightclubs like Sub 13, Opium, The Canary Gin Bar etc. are great places to gulp down some glasses of wine or beer and celebrate the last lap of your singlehood. You can catch some live jazz performances at Green Park Brasserie or you can even attend a Burlesque cabaret performance at Komedia.


If you’re wondering where’s the paragraph that talks about emptying wallets at designer stores, then well we kept the best for the last. The fashion museum is the place you need to go to make your inner fashionistas happy. There are lots of shops, independent boutiques, small stores, big designer labels for you to fill up your shopping bags with.

So if Bath has ticked all the boxes of ideas for your hen do, just book your tickets and let Bath bathe you in the European magic.

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