Wedding Talk // A Wedding In The Wild

April 28, 2018

I’ve really enjoyed creating wedding content recently, especially because it means I can research different venues and feel as though I’m doing the fun parts all over again instead of researching stamp prices…

A trend that I keep seeing, again and again, is weddings ‘in the wild’. This doesn’t mean going into the jungle or somewhere filled with animals (although each to their own, that could be pretty fun!) but a wedding outdoors to make it that little bit more unique.

The two usual wedding ideas in the UK are to have one abroad, or a traditional church one. But, it’s so much cheaper to actually do it outdoors, on a nice plot of land somewhere near the countryside. All you have to make sure you do is get permission and pay the person owning the land but some venues even offer this as one of their options.

Make It Comfortable

The thing that would put a lot of people off coming to a wedding that was outdoors would be the fact that it is outdoors, and the weather isn’t always the most reliable, especially in the UK. We looked at hiring a marquee such as Fews Marquees in case the weather didn’t play ball.

This is a company that has some of the most beautiful wedding marquees available to rent. They’re high class, high quality, and they look amazing when they’re all lit up inside. When it’s so beautifully decorated, it does create a beautiful atmosphere for you and your guests to be in. The weather isn’t always guaranteed to be the warmest (except hello random April heatwave – fancy coming a week early next year?) so you need to think about putting things such as heaters inside, to make your guests feel comfortable.

Finally, you want to make sure you’ve got plenty of flooring down in case the quality of the land isn’t the best. It could be something like hay, or vinyl flooring and you could always ask your guests to make sure they bring appropriate footwear for the evening. A few cute little things I’ve seen on Pinterest is to have a basket of cheap flip flops for people when they need them. 

Cover All Possible Situations

When you’re outdoors, the potential for disasters is real. One of the main ones is going to be something like a thunderstorm which can be quite common during the summer months in the UK. And the only way you’ll really know about the potential risk is to check the weather up to the big day.

Thunderstorms and being outside in a marquee do not mix well, so, when you’re picking the area that you’d like to hold your wedding in, you need to make sure there is some sort of backup building close by like a Church hall or a pub that you can give a heads up to if needed.

Get The Party Started

It isn’t hard to get the party started when you’re out in the open and having fun – sunshine or no sunshine! All you need to do is find the best DJ who is going to play songs that all of your guests like and take requests before the big day.

If you wanted to push the boat out a little, you could have a band instead. I’ve been told by quite a few different people that this is one of the main things that people remember from weddings. As for the food, something more rugged and rustic might suit this venue idea

Would you consider a wedding outdoors?

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