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January 26, 2018

I wouldn’t necessarily class myself as a beauty blogger (in fact, far from it) but skincare and makeup are two areas that I am hugely into, especially as my skin gets older and changes more regularly.

A couple of Christmases ago, my mum bought me a serum from The Abnormal Beauty Company which I used for a couple of months but never repurchased. I enjoyed using it and it definitely made my skin feel more supple, but it wasn’t a brand I was too familiar with, so I went back to my old trusty favourites.

Last year I saw that there were a lot of beauty vloggers talking about a similar product from Deciem. It took me a couple of months (how embarrassing) to realise that these were the same company and I started reading more into their products.

In November, I was shopping in Covent Garden when I noticed the shop and went in to have a little peruse of what was on offer. I ended up purchasing the Caffeine Solution, which I had heard good things about for dark under-eye circles (which is something I definitely suffer from) and started using it the next day.

At first, I was expecting more of a gel consistency, but this is definitely more of a liquid that you use a pipette to get onto your fingers. I use it under my eyes, on the corners and go over the lid with it too. It’s an orange colour, but it dries completely clear – it does take a minute or two to seep all the way into the skin, so in that time I usually do something else like brush my teeth or get dressed before coming back to do my makeup.

One of the things I find with thicker eye creams is that its hard to put foundation and concealer over the top, but as this one is a more liquid formulation, makeup goes on absolutely fine so I can’t fault it at all.

As I was really enjoying using the caffeine solution, I started to look into their other products and saw that people were raving about the hyaluronic acid with B5. As I had used one of the Deciem serums before, I was keen to try another one as my skin was getting drier and drier without this step in my routine.

I chose this one because it didn’t have a hefty price tag which other high-end beauty brands do (a very reasonable £5.90) and started using it straight away after it arrived. Like the caffeine solution, this one also uses a pipette for the product and its a slightly thicker solution: I use about 2-3 drops after I’ve cleaned and moisturised.

The first time I used it, my skin absolutely drank it up, and has loved it ever since – it just shows how dehydrated it was. I use it in the morning and at night before my moisturiser and when I wake up my skin is much smoother than before.

If you’re in the market for some new skincare recommendations then I would suggest given Deciem products a try. They have a whole range of things to try for different skin ailments for oily to dry and combination.

Have you tried any of the Deciem products? What was your favourite? 


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  1. Hannah Gilroy says:

    Ooo I really want to try these, I’ve heard so many good reviews (including yours 😉 )

    Hannah x

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