8 Reasons I’d Like To Visit New York This Year

January 24, 2018

Maybe it’s because I’ve started watching Gossip Girl again or that I’ve been a lover of Sex And The City since I bought all 6 series when I was 16, but recently I’ve had a pang to visit the city that never sleeps.

New York is one of those places that once you’ve been to and experienced the buzz of the city, you always vow to go back to one day – I’ve never met anyone who’s been to New York and not enjoyed it, which says something about the city.

I’ve been to New York once before when I was 17 for a school trip to the UN and since then, it has firmly been on my list as one of the places I’d love to go back to. Although that trip still stands out in my mind for being one of the most fun weeks of my life, we weren’t there for that long and had to stick to a strict itinerary for the few days we were visiting, meaning that we didn’t really have much downtime or a chance to explore what the city had to offer so I’ve always wanted to go back and experience New York as an adult.

I follow a lot of travel bloggers who go there a couple of times a year and always find something new and exciting to try, and it has really captivated me about how much the city has to offer, so today I’ve rounded up all of the reason I would love to visit.

1. The High Line

Back when I visited New York in 2007, the High Line hadn’t opened yet. I wasn’t really aware of it until I saw pictures of one of my favourite bloggers walking along it last year taking photos from an angle you wouldn’t normally experience. If you aren’t aware, the High Line is an elevated park, built on a stretch of abandoned New York railroad on the West Side of Manhattan and spans around 1.5 miles. The views look incredible and it seems like a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the streets below.

2. Rooftop Bars

If Sex And The City taught me anything, it was that Manhattan has its fair share of rooftop bars with a pretty sensational backdrop. As someone who loves to be outside when I’m eating and drinking, I know I would love to experience some of the best rooftop terraces in the world whilst watching the day turn into night.

3. Coney Island

I’ve heard this place described as the Blackpool of America, which instantly should give you a reason to visit. It’s just under an hour on the subway out of the city, but definitely worth the trip out as it’s a completely different vibe to the rest of New York – there’s also a beach there too!

4. The Food

If there’s one thing that American’s do well, it’s food. Not only have they made the gigantic slice of pizza a thing, as well as incredible burgers from the likes of Shake Shack and Jo Junior, but New York is also home to some of the best restaurants in the world including ABC Kitchen and Per Se.

5. The Neighbourhoods

It’s not every city that has such a diverse range of foodie delights from Korea Town to Little Italy to The Meat Packing District, scattered between the upper and lower East and West sides, which makes New York one of the most exciting places to visit. You can walk down any street and be wowed by the choice and diversity of the place.

6. Central Park

No trip to New York is complete without a trip to Central Park. I would love to visit in summer and take advantage of the glorious weather and have a picnic and take a break from the rest of the city. On my last trip to New York, we went Ice Skating and on a horse-drawn carriage, and it is one of those memories which I still think about to this day.

7. The Sports

One thing I would love to do in America is to watch a baseball game. New York famously has two teams, The Yankees and The Mets, both whose stadiums are not too far from the island. I can’t say I would understand fully what was going on, but I think it would be a great experience.

8. Getting The Chance To Explore Brooklyn

Brooklyn seems like it has a much slower pace than Manhattan, but is also steeped with things to do. Not only will the walking the Brooklyn Bridge give you some great views of the city, but there are also loads of cool independent shops and bars to visit as well as The Brooklyn Brewery and the outdoor market, Smorgasburg.

And there you have my 8 reasons I would love to visit New York this year – anyone fancy treating a girl?

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Have you been to New York? What would you recommend? 


2 responses to “8 Reasons I’d Like To Visit New York This Year”

  1. Fee says:

    New York will be have. I was there very briefly and tried to cram in as much as possible. East Village is a lovely local’s feel area – with some good bars and cafes. Pardon My French was great for bottomless brunch. I won’t mention all the usual tourist must-do’s when there!

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