Weekly Love #55

January 29, 2018

Happy Monday everyone – I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

I, unfortunately, spent my day yesterday in bed with a migraine, which was my body’s way of telling me to take it easy for the next few days. But there will still things last week that made me smile.

1. Overnight Oats

On Monday evening, I made a big batch of overnight oats with almond milk, yoghurt and blueberries. I had them for breakfast all through the week and I really enjoyed them. I’m looking for other recipes now, so if you have any, please send them my way!

2. Wedding Magazines

I’ve had a couple of wedding magazines lying around the house since we got engaged, but this week I spent some time reading them and writing down a few ideas I found. I really enjoyed seeing other people’s big day and it gave me a lot of inspiration for the kind of things we’d like.

3. Salon Success

I meant to mention this in last week’s post, but it completely slipped my mind. I was very lucky to be sent the new marble straighteners from Paul Mitchell and I can’t wait to give them a go. Total blogger goals!

4. Mini Eggs

This week, Mini Eggs have been a firm staple in my diet, and I couldn’t be happier that they’re back. They are one of my favourite chocolates and the smell just transports me back to being a child.

5. Dinner At The Botanist

On Friday evening, Jordan and I were very kindly offered dinner at The Botanist in Alderley Edge. As it’s my local to work, I spend a lot of my time in there, but I’ve never had dinner there. I’m going to be doing a full blog post on everything we chose, but the food was incredible.


6. Wedding Venue

We’re 99% set on our wedding venue, which is really exciting, and on Saturday morning, Jordan and I went there to see it again with my Mum and my Nan who hadn’t had a chance to visit it yet. They both loved it, which sealed the deal for us. I hope that we can get it booked this week.

7. Pub Lunch

After seeing the venue on Saturday, my Mum, Nan and I went for a pub lunch at a gorgeous place called The Ship in Styal. It was so cosy and cute inside and the food was great. We also went to a wedding dress shop afterwards but it was a bit too busy to try things on.

8. London

When I went down to London for work on Thursday, I got a chance to see my friend, Louise, for a quick coffee whilst she was on her lunch just before I jumped on my train home – it makes going down to London even more fun when I get to tie in seeing one of my oldest friends.

9. YouTube Fitness

It’s not often I talk about fitness on my blog, but this week I’ve really been getting into working out from home and using The Fitness Blender‘s YouTube channel. I’m enjoying doing something a bit different than just going to the gym and there’s so much variety to chose from.

What have you been loving this week? 


One response to “Weekly Love #55”

  1. Sandra says:

    New straighteners!! Mmmm must give them ago !
    Popsugar is a great one on YouTube for training as it has soooo many different instructors on and so many different routines.
    Give it a go. 👍🏼😊

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