The Holland and Barrett Beauty Event

March 24, 2016

Last Friday, myself and my friend Helena tootled along to Manchester for the Holland and Barrett beauty event that was held at the Castlefield Rooms in Manchester. I had been invited a few weeks before, but felt a little too anxious to turn up to an event by myself so I asked if I could bring my blogger friend! In true Ellie style we arrived dot on 12, so decided that instead of looking like the keenest bloggers on earth, that we would grab a coffee before heading into the event.

We were greeted by Manisha and Jade from iProspect who had organised the event with Holland and Barrett in support of ‘natural beauty’. Both of the girls were lovely and made us feel very welcome, showing us the different stalls and the where the prosecco table was… Priorities!

We wandered about the room and had a look at the Dr Organic tanning and exfoliating products, a nail stand with all vegan polishes, a makeup station with ‘Beautiful Movements’ products and a stand from ‘The Beauty Kitchen’ which supports 100% natural products.

The Beauty Kitchen’s ethos is “we believe in 100% natural, 100% effective and 100% affordable products.” When we were at the stall, we used the 60-second manicure scrub and rinsed with warm water and I was amazed at how soft my hands felt afterwards, literally like silk! We spoke to the woman a bit more and she advised that they are based in Glasgow and sell most of their products online, but also in Holland and Barrett stores. She also said that if we visited the Chester branch of Holland and Barrett then we would be able to make our own personalised salt scrub, which I think sounds amazing! I was really intrigued by this stall because I feel as though I don’t use enough natural products, and don’t look into the ingredients of the ones I do put on my body. Their mission statement really resonated with me – “we believe you should not have to compromise on your beauty products to be good to the environment” because I, unfortunately, do not think about this when purchasing beauty and skincare products but its something I’d like to change in the future.

After we had done a lap of the room it was time for lunch, and the food was amazing. I won’t rave on too much about it, but every one of us bloggers mentioned the potatoes on Twitter afterwards (lolz you had to be there!) After lunch (and maybe some more prosecco) we had a talk from the Beauty Marketing Manager from Holland and Barrett whose job I’ve decided I now want! I’ll admit that before the event, I wasn’t even aware of how many beauty products that Holland and Barrett sold online, but there’s pages and pages dedicated to natural beauty and cosmetics. I think because H&B is mostly associated with vitamins, supplements, healthy living and a high-street shop, their extensive online range is rarely advertised. They also have beauty and skincare articles, DIY recipes and all sorts on there too, so it’s worth a look!

After the talk, we had a demonstration from the Beauty Kitchen on their ‘create your own’ lip balm set. The kit itself comes in a tin and has enough ingredients to make 4 lip balms and I was amazed at how easy it was!

After this, I decided to get my makeup done by the very talented Emily Jane (whose website is here) with the Beautiful Movements products. I was reluctant at first to just had a mineralise powder on my face as an all over cover, but it was so good at covering up all my redness and gave an overall flawless finish. Apparently, the products she used on me are very similar to the Bare minerals range which I will soon be checking out! After some convincing, I agreed to let her do a purple-grey smokey eye which turned out to look quite good against my baby blues!

At the end of the event, we were given a Holland and Barrett branded tote bag with all of the products from the day and some takeaway food! In true bad blogger form I still haven’t tried the exfoliator or fake tan by Dr Organic (mostly because I have only ever had bad fake tan experiences) but I promise that as soon as I do I will write up a post 🙂

Thank you again to Holland and Barrett for inviting me. You can find all of the natural beauty range here.

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