What Does It Mean To Be A Lifestyle Blogger?

November 8, 2017

Whenever I meet someone new in the blogging world, one of the first questions I get asked is what I write about, to which I always answer, a little bit of everything.

Back when I first started out blogging, I never wanted to be restricted to what I write, and although I mostly tend to focus on travel, food and recommendations these days, I like the thought of not being tied to a particular genre; it makes me feel freer with my writing, allows me to change my content up when I feel like it and gives me a bigger scope for the future.

To the blogging world, my posts would fall under the ‘lifestyle’ category, therefore making me a lifestyle blogger, something I used to feel quite discontented with because of the sheer amount of others in the same category, whose blogs, I felt, were much more substantial than mine.

But once I got more into the groove of writing posts, I became much more proud about what I was producing and the opportunities I was been given and being a lifestyle blogger was something I was honoured to be called.

You might have heard the term ‘Lifestyle Blogger’ banded around over the years, but what does it actually mean? Well, in Layman’s terms, a Lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital representation of its author’s everyday life and interests, which, when I think about it, definitely describes Eleanor Graceful.

For a lot of bloggers I know, they fall nicely into a niche, whether its fitness, fashion, beauty or travel, but the beauty of not having one is that you aren’t confined to what you can write. Obviously, there are no rules when it comes to blogging and creating content, and that is what is great about the industry.

With blogging, there are two ends of the spectrum – those who have been doing it for years, where it’s their full-time job and the main source of income, and then at the other end are the people who are just starting out – and everyone in between.

I fall somewhere in the middle on the scale – I’ve been blogging for a few years now, but I also class myself as a much small blogger in comparison to others. In an ideal world this blog would be my full-time job as I adore putting posts on the internet, but at the minute, that is just a pipe dream.

In some ways, you could say it’s harder being a Lifestyle Blogger because you have to keep your content fresh with lots of different topics but also different to the other Lifestyle Bloggers out there; whereas, when you have a niche you become an expert in one category. That said, the more things you can talk about on your blog may also increase your audience reach, so there are pros and cons to both.

For the future, I personally can only see the Lifestyle category getting bigger and bigger. I think we’ll see more Lifestyle Blogs coming to fruition because of the scope of people they appeal to and the number of different topics we have to talk about.

Do you write a lifestyle blog? How do you feel about the industry? 


2 responses to “What Does It Mean To Be A Lifestyle Blogger?”

  1. Marianna says:

    I’ve always hated the term ‘lifestyle blogger’ as for some reason, I’ve had it in my mind only cool people can do such a thing! And I unfortunately don’t always fit into that category! Ever since I wrote for my first blog back in 2012, I branded myself as a lifestyle blogger and looking back, I’m not even sure I really knew what that meant. Nowadays with my fairly new blog, I still name it as a lifestyle blog – but more of a place where I can write about things I like, stuff that’s on my mind and places I go. I do feel it will be a bit more time before I feel cool enough to introduce myself as a ‘lifestyle blogger’ – I’m even struggling to call myself a ‘blogger’! x

  2. Czerina says:

    I am very new to the blogging world though I’ve enjoyed reading different blogs for a few years now. I think my writing leans towards the lifestyle blogging niche because of the variety of things I enjoy reading and writing about! While the term “lifestyle blogger” can be hard to define I feel like it’s the best fit for me because I love so many things! I feel so much more well-rounded when I am not constructed to writing purely about one particular industry.

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