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November 12, 2017

On Wednesday evening, I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend Georgie Glass, a very talented photographer, to attend the new menu launch at Rosso restaurant in Manchester. It had been a while since I’d been to a foodie related blogging event so I was really excited to catch up with some of my favourite girls over what I knew would be a great meal.

It had been a few years since I’d been there, and in that time they’ve gone through a multi-million pound revamp, meaning that the decor is beyond dreamy. They pulled on this girl’s Christmas-obsessed heartstrings by already having their Christmas tree up and beautiful decorations all over, including fairy lights, luminous stars and bauble wreaths, which only added to the already stunning backdrop. Even from the outside, the lights, grand entrance and architecture are your first indication that there will be a spectacle beyond the iron door – and that there is.

The first thing I noticed was how bright the restaurant was, but not overpowering in the slightest. The white interiors were really beautiful and gave an overall luxury feel to the place. There is a separate bar and dining area (with little alcoves for people to come and do work – a blogger’s absolute dream) a grand dome ceiling and stunning marble surfaces everywhere. The bar isn’t cramped at all either, which can be the problem with some of the restaurants in Manchester.

For the dinner, we were seated on a raised section of the dining area, in a stunning booth with white leather seats, enough for the group of us that there was without us feeling cramped at all. The table was laid out beautifully with gifts from Evelyn’s House of Beauty, Louboutin perfume, a ring from Brand Attic and a little treat from Hey Little Cupcake. Being the blogger cliches that we are, we immediately all got our cameras out to capture the stunning dinner setting and gushed over how good a job that Georgie had done.

I was lucky enough to be sat next to my partner in crime, Jacinta, and the beautiful Faye from The Fussy Feeder. I was also able to catch up with the founder of We Blog North, Holly Wood, and Spamella, which was lovely as I hadn’t seen either of them in a while, and Pam brought her little boy with her who was an absolute dream.

We were there to sample their new menu for winter, which is always music to my ears. The main course was tagliatelle con gamberi e pollo (egg pasta ribbons with garlic chicken, prawns, courgettes and fresh cream) and the dessert was crostata di mandorle (almond tart, pickled damson and homemade Garstang Blue cheese ice cream).

The main was such a delicious pasta course, nice and creamy and probably one of the nicest dishes I’ve had outside of Italy… and I’ve eaten A LOT of pasta in my lifetime: You can tell that Rosso is up there with their knowledge of true Italian flavours, and the dish was put together really well.

The dessert was an interesting one: Once I read blue cheese ice cream on the menu, I was immediately intrigued as to what that might entail. The tart was light and flavoursome with a puff pastry crust, and the pickled damson was a very welcome acidic accompaniment to break the overall sweetness. I couldn’t recall a time of ever trying damson before, but it really complimented the whole dish. The ice cream worked well with the overall flavour of the pudding, but I’m not sure I would have enjoyed it as much by itself.

Once dinner was finished, we had a group catch up and started talking about our Christmas plans which made me really excited for the season ahead. As much as I love putting Christmas music on as soon as it turns to November, I’ve refrained slightly this year, so it was nice to be eased into the festive spirit ever so slightly. Georgie did such a fabulous job with the whole evening, and it was nice to meet the team behind the food choices as well.

Rosso is such a stunning venue to go for a meal, and I would definitely recommend the food that we had. The ambience of the restaurant matches the sumptuous food that we experienced and I can’t wait for there to be more meet up’s coming up in the future.

Have you ever been to Rosso? What were your thoughts? 


My meal at Rosso was complimentary. All views are my own. 

2 responses to “Blogger Dining Club // Rosso”

  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve never been there but it sound amazing and well worth a visit

  2. June Smith says:

    Sounds an amazing experience, but you don’t tell us where it is. Fir those f us who are not up to date with the latest haunts, it would help to know the location.

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