Appreciating The Little Things

February 18, 2018

Because sometimes, it’s easy for us to get wrapped up in our everyday lives, that we forget to stop and reflect on the little things that keep us ticking over.

The leaves starting to grow back again as we reach Spring

When the cats jump on the bed in the morning for cuddles

Looking forward to warmer, brighter days

Receiving pictures of my best friend enjoying her travels

The sun shining in through the shutters at golden hour

When I get a message from a reader saying they enjoy my blog

My parents texting me to tell me they love me

Laughing with the girls at work over nothing in particular

Reminiscing on some of the beautiful places I’ve been over the years

The days starting to get longer

Getting excited for all the wedding planning this year

My other half surprising me with my favourite chocolate

Wrapping up in layers and getting outside

Waking up before the sunrise and seeing the changing colours of the sky

Getting all my blankets down and snuggling on the sofa

Cooking lots of home-cooked meals

Finding motivation to keep coming back to this blog

The group message I have with all my closest friends

Spending more time with my family and watching the kids grow up

Driving in my car, listening to newly downloaded podcasts

Getting excited about all the blogging events coming up this year

Receiving emails that make me smile

Brunching with my lovely girls

Walking down the river near our house

Making plans over the next few weeks to look forward to

Starting to think about my wedding dress


2 responses to “Appreciating The Little Things”

  1. This is a great list And so sweet! There are some things I have in my life that you mentioned that I also appreciate. It’s important to appreciate everything positive, big or small!

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