Weekly Love #86

September 3, 2018

Dunham Massey in Cheshire in the sunshine

Happy Monday everyone, and happy September!

For some reason, my brain still works academically so I always feel as though that this month is the start of a fresh year, and I’m already feeling really motivated for the months ahead which is nice and refreshing, but really, I can’t believe it’s September already, where has 2018 gone?

I hope you’ve all had a lovely short week, and enjoyed the sunshine this weekend, which definitely made me feel as though a late summer heatwave is on the horizon – fingers crossed!

Here is everything I was loving last week.

Bank Holiday

Like most people in the UK, Jordan and I started this week with a day off work which was very much enjoyed. We pottered about the house, I did some errands and we managed to make a few meals and freeze them which means we have a drawer full of delicious things to come this month.

Saying Goodbye

On Tuesday evening, I said goodbye to two of my closest friends who are going travelling for the next few months and moving to Australia. We went round to see them, and it felt a bit surreal to think that we won’t see them until our wedding day, but I’m so excited to hear all about their adventures.

Saucy Fish Brunch

I was very kindly invited to a blogger’s brunch with The Saucy Fish Company this week with some other food bloggers and it was absolutely delicious. I’ve really cut my meat intake down this year, but I still really enjoy fish, and some of the dishes they created for us were amazing.


My lovely friend Georgie, organised a blogger’s dining club at Banyan in the corn exchange on Thursday evening. It was great to catch up with some of my friends from that walk of life and the food was amazing. I’d never been to this branch before, but I had such an amazing evening.


A couple of my friends had decided to go for some drinks on Saturday afternoon to Altrincham Market. Although I grew up just down the road from it, and don’t live far away now, I rarely venture into that neck of the woods so it was really fun to do something a bit different, and my friend Sophie brought her two dogs who always puts a smile on my face!


My very talented friend Adel, asked Jordan and I if we would like to have an engagement shoot with her this weekend, and I, of course, jumped at the chance because she’s such a good photographer. We went to Dunham Massey quite early in the morning before it got too busy with people. I’ve only had one of the images back, but I really like it and can’t wait to see the others!


After the photo shoot, we went out for some brunch as we were starving – who knew smiling constantly for two hours would take it out of you so much? We went to King’s Court Cafe in Altrincham as we used to go there a lot and it’s really reasonably priced and I went for the veggie breakfast which was amazing – I definitely recommend if you’re in the area.

Bike Ride

I found myself with a couple of hours spare on Sunday afternoon and thought I would use the time to go for a bike ride along the river Mersey to clear my mind for the week ahead. I was out for just under an hour but I had such a lovely time, and the weather was just perfect for it. It’s really made me appreciate what’s on our doorstep and how much I enjoy being outdoors.

What were you loving last week?

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