Weekly Love #48

December 4, 2017

Happy December everyone!

I can’t quite believe we’re into the last month of the year, but hasn’t that just been the way that 2017 has gone? I’m really looking forward to Christmas after a rather festive weekend, and I can’t wait to catch up with my nearest and dearest.

1. In Conversation With Megan Ellaby

On Tuesday evening, my friend Alex and I went to Topshop in The Trafford centre to attend an event hosted by Megan Ellaby. She’d chosen some of her favourite items from the Autumn-Winter collection and talked us through it, whilst answering the audience’s questions. I’d met her once before at an event a couple of months ago, and I almost cried with joy when she recognised me. Cringe I know…

2. Kasabian

On Thursday evening, I went to the Kasabian concert with my friend Phil at the Manchester Arena. I’ve seen them once before about 3 years ago, but they were even more brilliant live than I remember. They played a mixture of songs from their new album, and some classic tracks.

3. Tree

Over the weekend, Jordan and I bought our Christmas tree from Tesco. Normally at my parent’s house, we would have a real one, but because Luna is still a kitten, we opted for a fake one as we thought the cats wouldn’t be able to do as much damage… we were wrong. I still want to put a few more bits up here and there to make the whole house feel more festive, but the tree was definitely the starting point.

4. Seeing Family

On Saturday afternoon, Jordan and I drove over to my cousin’s new house to catch up with her and my Nan. My other cousin was also there, so it was a really lovely reunion with them and their kids. I love seeing my family, especially around the festive period.

5. Chester

After we’d been to my cousin’s, we headed to Chester for my friend’s annual wine and cheese party. We got there a bit early so decided to have a wander around the shops and the markets, which are basically the same as Manchester but much less busy. The wine and cheese party was one of my favourite nights of the year because of the amazing food and company. Already looking forward to next December!

6. Manchester Markets

On Sunday, I met up with Hannah and her boyfriend, with Jordan, at the Manchester markets for some food and drinks. As usual, they were absolutely heaving, but I hadn’t been this year yet, and it’s a necessity at Christmas. I had currywurst and apricot strudel afterwards which was amazing.

7. Lily Pebbles’ Book

It was actually last week when Lily Pebbles (one of my favourite YouTubers) announced that she had written a book, but I left it until payday to pre-order it. It’s called The F word and it’s out in March.

8. Shelves

This is when you know you’ve become officially old… Whilst I was at Kasabian, Jordan very kindly put up some shelves for me that we’d bought from Ikea last weekend. The spare room is slowly being turned into an office, and it’s really coming together now they’re up.

9. Vlogmas

Because its the start of December, that also means it’s the start of Vlogmas. If you aren’t aware of what Vlogmas is, it’s basically when YouTubers film and upload a video every day until Christmas, and it means that there’s loads of extra videos being uploaded, which is great for someone like me with a slight YouTube addiction!

10. Nails

I couldn’t resist booking a nail appointment when my favourite place was doing a Black Friday sale. I’ve gone for a black with a hint of shimmer, plus a glittery nail on my fourth finger on both sides, which is definitely a look I haven’t done for a while. I wanted something festive, but also that would go with everything.

What have you been loving this last week?


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