The Importance Of Music

December 3, 2017

A thought came to mind the other day whilst I was out and about, about how important music is in my life.

Music is never something I’ve touched on before on this blog – maybe a couple of mentions here and there about songs or albums I’m enjoying at the time – but to me, my love of music goes much deeper and it’s something that is a huge part of me as a person.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been going to gigs as regularly as possible, discovering new bands and supporting local artists. I’m lucky living in Manchester because of the great music scene. Whether it’s a small unsigned band playing at a bar in the Northern Quarter, or a huge, global superstar performing at the arena – there is something on every night of the week.

I’ve been all around the world to watch and enjoy live music, including a beach in Abu Dhabi, a festival in Poland and partying in Finsbury Park in London, to name a few. The experiences I’ve had whilst watching some of the biggest names in the world are some of my favourite memories ever.

If you asked me to describe my music taste, I would find it incredibly difficult. I appreciate music from so many different genres and times, and I wouldn’t say I have one favourite artist, but that’s what I love about the variety of what’s out there.

I’ve been a lover of Spotify for the last couple of years also. It’s such a great way to make your own playlists, listen to others, and see what all your friends are listening to as well: I also read a lot of music related articles on Twitter and NME

Watching my favourite bands and singers live is something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as they’re so passionate about sharing their music with the world, and you get to experience it too.

Music is so important to transport you to somewhere else. It helps you let go of the stresses of everyday life, and switch off, even for just a short space of time. It can help improve your mood, uplift your spirits and help you let go of negative thoughts and energy, which we can all be guilty of from time to time.

What do you love the most about music? 


Enjoy the hazy pictures and even hazier memories

This post was written in collaboration with Get To The Front

One response to “The Importance Of Music”

  1. June Smith says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Where words fail, music speaks. Music brings a special response. It makes contact with people who are closed off to others. it can trigger a mood, a memory or a feeling. Music is life, that is why our hearts have beats.

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