Making A House A Home

December 5, 2017

This month marks 9 months since Jordan and I bought our house together. 9 whole months of coming home to the same place every night, waking up in the same bedroom every morning and loving every second of having our own home.

In the last 9-months, a lot has changed, especially work-wise, but I have always found comfort in coming back to our house every night. I absolutely love being a homeowner, and I am really happy with how everything has turned out: It’s the first time I have felt fully content in a number of years, and I can’t believe how fast the past few months have gone.

I don’t really talk about my house on here a lot, mainly because I’ve never really had anything interesting to say or any nice photos to share, but today I’m going to show you some of the prints we have put up around our little home recently, from Desenio, which have made it feel much more homely.

For those of you who don’t know much about the brand, they are a Scandinavian design company, who specialise in prints and frames. They have them for all different rooms in the house, carefully curated on their website, and with an inspiration section too, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Although there are bits to do here and there in our house overall, furniture still to buy, and things to be put away in their rightful home, I am really happy with how everything is looking at the moment – especially with the introduction of our new prints.

I’ve always been a fan of Desenio and had a couple of their prints already in our lounge, so I was really excited to receive my order. The prints came within about 4 working days, and are rolled up in a cardboard tube to make sure they don’t crease.

One of the rooms that I thought could do with a bit of colour in was our kitchen. After having a search on the corresponding section of their website, I found these three prints – Bon Appetite, Gold Pineapple and the Pink Banana – which I thought would really brighten the room up. When they arrived, I was really happy with the quality of them, and the colours were true to the website.

(if you look really closely, you can see my red Christmas pjs…)

The next print I chose was a much larger one for our bedroom. It was 50cm x 70 cm and it says the word ‘love’ on it because what better word to wake up to in the morning and remember all the things that are amazing about your life. The lines also make me think of a heartbeat, which I think is really sweet as well.

The great thing about Desenio as well as they’re beautiful prints is their frames to go with it. The frames already come in the perfect sizes for the different prints they do, and come in a range of colours. For the kitchen prints, I went for a gold one, and for the larger ‘love‘ picture, I went for the black, as I felt this would look striking against the white walls in our bedroom.

And now for the exciting stuff…

From the 5th – 7th December, you can get 25% off posters (except for hand-picked/collaboration posters and frames) when you use the code eleanorgraceful so now you have an excuse to treat yourself to a little present before Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home, and liked the prints I chose as well.

Let me know what you buy if you use my code!


This post was sponsored by Desenio. All views and fangirling of the company, are my own. 

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