Five Minute Blog Post // What I’m Looking Forward To This December

December 6, 2018

I said in my most recent newsletter (subscribe here if you so fancy) that I really wasn’t feeling festive this year. It could be down to the fact that we haven’t put decorations up yet (my bad) or the fact that because I wasn’t well for most of November, I feel as though Christmas has come out of nowhere, and now it is less than 3 weeks away, which is CRAZY!

In a bit to feel a bit more like my old self, I thought I would list five of the things that I’m looking forward to this December.

1. My work Christmas Party – because I work from home, sometimes it’s hard for my wider team to get together, but today is the day of our Christmas party in London and I’m actually really excited that it’s so early and I can see London looking all Christmassy.

2. Dinner with my old work friends – on the topic of Christmas parties, I have a lovely dinner planned with some of the girls I worked with in my last job, which I’m really looking forward to as it feels like ages since we all got together

3. Christmas eve with my family – my family is spread all over the place on my Mum and Dad’s side, but this Christmas Eve, my Mum’s side will all be gathering at my cousins for food and drinks which I think will be a really lovely occasion.

4. Our anniversary – Jordan and I will be celebrating our last anniversary as an unmarried couple, and this year marks 5 years since we made our relationship official, and so much has happened in that time. We don’t have anything planned yet, but I’m hoping we can go out for a nice dinner, or celebrate at home with wine, obvs.

5. Christmas Day – I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning Christmas Day – of course I’m looking forward to that! Last year Jordan and I hosted his parents because it was our first year in our house and we wanted to stay there, but this year we are at my parent’s and I can’t wait!

I hope this post has made you feel that little bit more Christmassy, and writing it has made me really excited for the next few weeks to come!

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