Around The World Cocktail Launch

July 8, 2017

On Thursday evening, I went to the summer cocktail launch of the Around The World bar inside Bierkeller in the Printworks in Manchester. I was invited by Lee, who works for the PR agency, and being cheeky, I asked for a plus 1, and brought my friend Jacinta along.

We met in Manchester on a lovely sunny evening, and walked over from the met station. The Printworks isn’t somewhere I tend to go anymore because it reminds me of being in my teen years, rinsing my bank account in Tiger Tiger and way too many slut drops, but I am always up for a midweek cocktail tasting session.

The bar itself is inside Bierkeller, which, if you’ve ever heard of, is pretty much as close as you will get to an authentic Bavarian beer hall outside of Germany. I’ve never actually been before, but I’ve always been intrigued after been to a real-life Bierkeller in Berlin.

We were greeted with a glass of Prosecco and took a seat near to where they were doing the cocktail demonstrations to get a front row view!

We were told by the waitresses that there were 18 cocktails on the new menu and told to call in sick to work tomorrow. We started with a strawberry daiquiri and a porn star martini, followed swiftly by an amaretto sours, one of my favourite cocktails.

After that, we had a passion fruit Margherita and English Country Garden which was one of my favourite from the night, being a gin and elderflower fan. At this point (and only a little bit of food) we were all feeling a little bit tipsy and didn’t think we could make it all the way to the magic 18.

Seeing our despair, the waitress told us we could just order what we wanted when we felt ready. We all went for a pina colada, which was our best cocktail of the night. After a few boomerang cheers, selfies and group shots, the night was starting to wind dine, so we decided to call it a day.

We jumped on the met home and obviously, I got Jordan to drive me to Tesco to buy some midnight snacks – definitely got some boyfriend points!

Overall the bar was really cool, and the cocktail menu had some classics that you would expect, but also some new ones that I would definitely go back and try!


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  1. zerry ht says:

    That seems good. Glad to read about this event. Well, I am recently in need of the spacious garden themed venue NYC for my sister’s cocktail bridal shower. I am having hard time in finding a good venue within my budget. Could you please help to find one?

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