The 8 To Remember At All Times

October 3, 2016

Because life isn’t always as sparkly and peachy as we make it out to be.

1. The best relationships are the easy ones.

2. That goes for friendships as well. The best friends are the ones who you can rely on, whatever time of day and the ones that want see you happy and succeed; not the ones who make you feel guilty for wanting to stay in at the weekend nursing a bottle of red surrounded by blankets and your cat.

3. Water makes everything better. A hungover head, a sore tummy, hunger pangs around 11am.. and it makes your skin look fresh and glowy too. Just remember to drink enough and your body will thank you for it later.

4. No 20-something is exactly where they thought they would be 10 years ago. Just roll with the punches like everyone else.

5. This may be your ‘prime’ time to reproduce, but do you know what’s also great, getting tipsy on  a Thursday night or taking a spontaneous city break without worrying about anyone but you.

6. For all the expensive makeup products you see your favourite Youtubers and bloggers wearing, there’s always a pretty good dupe available too that won’t break the bank and leave you eating super noodles for the rest of the month.

7. Everything tastes better with avocado.

8. A lot more people suffer from mental health illnesses than you’ll realise. If you’re really down and out about nothing in particular, or feel like you just want to get away, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.


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