My 9 Favourite YouTubers

December 12, 2016

Back in September, I wrote this post about my favourite bloggers, and today I thought I would do a follow-up post about my favourite YouTubers – the people I subscribe to and go and watch time and time again. Although I love reading blogs, I find myself completely fascinated with watching even the days they film just sat at home doing nothing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one if their figures are anything to go by!

1. Lily Pebbles

I first started watching Lily’s videos back in the days of ‘Beauty Chat’ with her good friend Anna (who featured in my favourite bloggers post). Ever since then I always make sure to catch her latest videos in my subscription box before anyone else. Recently I really enjoyed her wedding video and think her and her husband Rich, are one of the cutest, most genuine couples out there. Although I enjoy her sit down chatty videos, her vlogs and trips out and about in London are my favourites.

2. Everyday Estée

After reading her book, Bloom, I really enjoyed the way it was written and admired the journey Estée has been on to get where she is. I’ve enjoyed her main channel videos for almost a year but recently discovered her vlogging channel too. She’s a real cutie and I love her accent!

3. Niomi Smart

I’ve been a fan of Niomi for a while and my favourite videos are her vegan recipes and cruelty-free make-up tutorials. Her marathon training tips also inspired me to do the 10k in September although she made 4 times the distance look easy…

4. Lily Melrose

Lily was recommended to me by a friend who knew I would love her cat (which is the main reason I get recommended most things in life…) I love the fact she is someone who is in to high street brands, fashion for ‘real’ girls and isn’t afraid to say it how it is.

5. Josie LDN

I discovered Josie’s YouTube channel after she did a collaboration with one of my favourite bloggers last December. I started watching her Vlogmas videos that she created every day on the run-up to Christmas and since then I have admired how much of a hard worker she is. Plus she has an adorable sausage dog called Dexter which a reason to watch in itself.

6. Everyday Jim

As I mentioned before, some of my favourite videos to watch are those where the people literally film their every day lives and Jim (husband of YouTuber Tanya Burr) is no exception. I found his channel through his sister’s Pixi Woo who do makeup tutorials. These types of videos are light-hearted enough that you can binge watch a few whilst you are getting ready or just want a bit of a chill.

7. Lucy Watson

I’ve loved Lucy ever since she stole the show in Made in Chelsea back in 2012. I love the fact that she has a no-nonsense approach to pretty much everything she does in her life, and her videos are no different. Although I am not a vegan myself, I find it interesting to see what she stocks her fridge with, her favourite recipes and her reasons for becoming vegan.

8. Samantha Maria

Sammy (aka Beauty Crush) is one of those girls who I’ll never tire of watching. She has the bubbliest, warmest personality that really shines through on YouTube and has been pregnant for the last few months which has just made her even more adorable. Her and her fiancé are incredibly cute together, as are her pet dogs.

9. Fleur De Force

Keeping on the topic of cute dogs, personable girls and charming other halves, how could I not mention Fleur De Force… She has become one of the biggest brands out there having written two books and released a range of makeup and eyelashes.

If you have any recommendations of YouTubers you think I would like, please leave a comment!

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