Looking Back On This Year

December 24, 2017

I know it’s a little bit early to be doing this post seen as there’s still another week left of 2017, but I felt like it was the right time to wrap up the year and have a look forward to the next.

Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the year (although I’m usually in work) because it brings together so many of my favourite people and family members, but is also a great night to catch up with those who you maybe haven’t seen for a while.

I love Christmas, and even though last year I was in a completely different mindset, this December I’ve really been enjoying the countdown and getting in the spirit.

I’ve had some lovely plans in December including numerous Christmas meals, a trip to France and one of my best friend’s birthdays, and this year I’ve definitely felt more like myself, and I’ve begun to embrace the festivities to the full.

Christmas can be such a tough time for some people, myself included to some extent, but it also one of the most magical days of the year, making memories, giving presents and eating great food.

2017 has been a really incredible year for me, but it hasn’t had its down moments too. I’ve taken more trips than ever before, I bought a house with my best friend and I started a job that I love.

In terms of blogging, I’ve finally found my groove with uploading, I’ve surrounded myself with an incredibly supportive network and I’ve worked on some amazing projects throughout the year. I’ve got a few plans here and there for 2018, but for now, the canvas is blank, which is really exciting for me.

I’ve always written whatever my heart desires, which is why I love coming back to this blog, week in and week out. Coming to the end of the year, I’m really happy with how everything is going, the overall look of Eleanor Graceful and the exciting things to come for 2018.

I’ve met some incredible people in the last few months who have spurred me on to keep producing the content I love, and not worry about falling into a niche. I’ve also learnt to not put so much pressure on myself and roll with the punches.

I would also say my mental health is in a pretty good way at the moment, and although I’ve had hiccups with having such a jam-packed social calendar this month, I’m feeling really happy overall which is refreshing.

As for general ‘goal setting’ I won’t be doing that for 2018. Next year, I’ll have a lot of stuff going on in the other areas of my life and I would rather take each day as it comes. That’s not to say that there aren’t things I don’t want to achieve in the next 12 months, but I would rather focus on things as and when they arise.

When I look back on the things I wanted for 2017, the list is still very much true, so I don’t want to put time constraints on something I have so much passion for and I want to continue to work on the areas that bring my happiness.

And after all that rambling, I would like to wish you all the best Christmas and New Year, and I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating with your friends and family.

See you next year! xx

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