The 24 Signs That You’re Basically A Grown Up

October 22, 2016

I know right, when did that happen??

1. You own countless recipe books, a slow cooker and a basting dish. Sunday roast? Got it covered. 15 minute meal? Not a problem. Lemon drizzle cake? Come at me!

2. You actually care whats going into your body. More than 16.732% of my daily allowance of saturated fat? No, I don’t think so.

3. You start buying Christmas presents in September. Girl gotta be prepared.

4. You understand the difference between variable and fixed term mortgages. Well, at least you think you do.

5. You know at least 3 people that are engaged, 2 that just bought a house, and 1 that’s expecting, at any given time.

6. You start to get practical things for your birthday. A new iron? I love it!

7. Weekends are spend walking around Ikea, or the local park, instead of nursing a killer hangover.

8. Your job title doesn’t have the words advisor, assistant or operator in it, and you’re damn proud of it.

9. You have a joint account, savings account, Bond and an ISA, because you’re not too shabby when it comes to this saving malarkey.

10. The cost of petrol is usually a sore talking point for you. As is the cost of broadband, food and generally staying alive. But you can use this useful site to make life a bit easier!

11. Your Pinterest account is basically just other people’s home ideas, probably most of which you’ll never accomplish anyway.

12. Your wardrobe mostly consists of ‘work’ outfits, that sometimes make good ‘going out’ outfits.

13. You’ve started to take an interest in current affairs; As long as it’s on the Daily Mail website that is…

14. The thought of having children doesn’t immediately fill you with a sense of panic.

15. You change into your comfy clothes, the minute you walk through the door. No shame.

16. The ‘Home’ version of any shop is your heaven. Hours can be spend in Zara home, Asda living or the posh bit of Next.

17. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to do an all-nighter. WK what now? Is that a band?

18. Your skincare routine no longer consists of solely using Johnson’s makeup wipes. Who knew you’d ever grow out of that phase?

19. You own more candles than there are rooms to put them in.

20. You start to get invited to more and more children’s parties. But how do I know this many kids?!

21. You get a bit worried if you don’t go to the toilet as often as you should be… but yesterday I was as regular as clockwork¬†#sadface

22. Your bed has real-life scatter cushions on. Much to the distress of your boyfriend.

23. You judge everyone who doesn’t wear a coat, tights and a scarf when it’s below 18 degrees.

24. You plan your evening meals around whats in the freezer at the start of the week. Ain’t nobody got time for that type of spontaneity.

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