Weekly Love #9

March 5, 2017

On reflection, it’s made me laugh that the majority of these include food and alcohol! What can I say… that is my life!

1. Dimitri’s Taverna

On Tuesday evening we had an event with work on Deansgate in the centre of Manchester. After the event, a few of us decided we were ravenous (particularly me as my diet of the evening had consisted of free wine, biscuits and paprika crisps) and went to Dimitri’s Taverna, just up the road. I had been to the restaurant years ago, but it had always been on my list to try again, and I wasn’t disappointed. We had a selection of dips and pitta bread to start (with a side of halloumi for me, because obvs) and various kebabs and side dishes for mains. I also thought this would be a great time to show my colleagues that I have a big appetite, even though it was 10pm at night, and decided to order a chocolate fudge cake and a portion of baklava, which I managed to eat all of it, to everyone’s shock/horror – I blame the wine…

2. Catch Up’s

On Thursday evening, I went for dinner with my friend Charlotte who I hadn’t seen since before Christmas. It was really lovely to catch up with someone, as we’ve been friends for years and because of our schedules, it’s sometimes hard to meet up. We went to a little Italian restaurant in Hale village called Danilos, where we’ve been going for our last few meetups. She’s getting married next year so it was lovely to hear about how they’re getting on with the plans.

3. Healthy Lunch

On Friday afternoon, I went over to my friend Noemie’s as she is back in Manchester for a few days. Her parent’s house is only around the corner from my office so we decided to have lunch there. She’s vegan (and I’m trying to be healthier in the week) so we had stir fried veg and rice noodles with cashews and sweet chilli sauce. It was really good to catch up and do something different over my lunchtime, and it’s encouraged me to make healthier things for lunch because it really didn’t take that long either and was delicious.

4. Friday Night Club

A few weeks ago, I posted that me and Jordan were having a chilled night in as our schedules had got in the way of us spending quality time together. This Friday we did the same and had good food, wine and dessert and just chilled out and talked about our week. Sometimes you get so caught up in everyday life that you need to put some time aside to spend it with the people who mean the most to you.

5. Brunch And Prosecco

See, the food theme is running strongly through this post… what can I say? On Saturday afternoon, I met up with my girl Laura in Manchester and we went to Federal for brunch. I’d never been before but seen amazing looking food all over Instagram and heard amazing things about it. Although the actual place was quite small, we managed to get a table pretty much straight away. I had smashed avocado on sourdough toast with poached eggs and smoked salmon and an orange gin fizz cocktail – which was amazing! Afterwards, we went and sat outside The Oast House with a bottle of prosecco and put the world to rights. It was a really lovely day and felt as though spring was on the horizon. Weekends should always include brunch!

6. New Homes

After brunch on Saturday, I walked to another part of Manchester to see my old work colleague Rosie, who has just moved into a flat on the outskirts of the city centre. The flat is lovely and she’s made it really homely already even though she hasn’t been there that long. We also managed to squeeze in a cheeky cocktail at Cottonopolis (I don’t have a drinking problem, I swear…) which was a nice treat for a Saturday afternoon! My cocktail came with a disco ball and Rosie’s came with a Pokemon card – typical Northern Quarter!

7. Toast Me’s

Last weekend I went send some toast me’s* by Soreen to try. I’ve always been a fan of malt loaf, especially the banana bread one, plus it feels slightly more healthy than eating a regular banana bread. Because I was running around so much last weekend, I only got round to trying them during the week. I was sent 6 and they all went within about 3 days which shows how good they were. They’re in between being a teacake and a piece of malt loaf, but they were delicious toasted and really filled you up. I had them for breakfast at work a couple of times in the week, and the rest with a cup of tea before bed. So far I’ve seen them in Asda and if you’re looking for a slightly healthier snack or breakfast, I would definitely recommend these.

What have you been loving this week?

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*this post contains PR samples

4 responses to “Weekly Love #9”

  1. Mmmm the cocktails look fab.
    where the disco ball?

  2. S, x says:

    Mmmmm lots of yummy food this week – Greek food is my fave! x
    Sophie Cliff

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