Weekly Love #37

September 18, 2017

And just like that, it’s Monday again! How did the weekend happen so quickly?

I’m not one to complain though as I only have a three-day week until Hannah and I are jetting off to Italy for a long weekend, and I for one am in need of a holiday!

I spent two days this week recovering from a migraine, which wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time, but I think it was my body’s way of telling me to take it easy for a bit.

Regardless of that though, I still managed to pull together some of the things that made me smile.

1. Jamie Oliver

I’ve seen a few clips here and there of Jamie Oliver’s new programme where he only uses five ingredients, and this week I got stuck in with watching some of the episodes I’d missed. You might not know that I am a big fan of his, and cooking programmes in general, and I might even get the book now seen as some of the recipes were super easy and looked amazing!

2. Work Lunch

On Friday, I found myself alone on my work table as most of my team were away. A couple of the girls from different teams invited me for lunch and we ended up going to The Alchemist in Alderley Edge, which was a nice surprise. I got a few starters with one of the other girls to share, which turned out to be quite a lot of food, but incredibly tasty!

3. Friday Evening

Because I had been cooped up in the house all week, Jordan and I decided to go for a Friday night outing to The Trafford Centre to get me out of the house. I had seen a coat in Primark the week before but they didn’t have my size, and because there is a small Primark concession in Selfridges, I thought I may as well try there – and they had it! If you’re wondering, it’s a faux leather jacket, with a fur lining in black, and is so so cosy; it’s making me cross my fingers for some colder weather!

4. Wedding

On Saturday, we made our way to a beautiful church in Chorlton for my friend, Siobhan’s wedding to her lovely husband, Nick. The service was lovely, and the rest of the day was filled with so many happy memories with some great friends. I always love a wedding and seeing two people who are totally besotted with each other just makes my heart feel full.

5. Family Party

The morning after the wedding, I was feeling a little worse for wear, but I had told the bride  I would take her and her new husband from their hotel to their to her parent’s house, so I knew I had to pull my act together. When I dropped them off, I ended up staying for a couple of hours, talking about the day before with all her family, and it was really lovely to see everyone again.

6. Cheese Festival

If you follow me on Twitter or have me on Facebook, you might have seen that me and Jordan went to a cheese festival in Leeds yesterday afternoon. We’d bought tickets a while ago, and I knew it would be a good cure if we were feeling a bit hungover. There was a mixture of hot and cold food stalls, and we made our way around them for a couple of hours. The same festival is coming to Manchester in February next year, and I already can’t wait to go again.

7. The Girls

I had been after a new book for a while, and a few people had recommended The Girls by Emma Cline to me, and this week I ordered it from Amazon. I haven’t read too much about it so it’s a bit of a surprise, but I’m excited to give it a go!

8. NBA’s

Although I couldn’t make it to the Northern Blog Awards on Saturday, I am so happy they were such a success and I loved reading all of the tweets and seeing the photos from the evening – it was like I was there. And big congratulations to everyone who won an award; you’re all amazing! I can’t wait for next years already!


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  1. Sounds like a lovely week Ellie! Congratulations on being nominated too! xx

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