12 Things That Happen If You Went To An All Girls School

September 15, 2016

1. Having no shame when it comes to pulling your tights up in public.

2. Not wanting to name your first born daughter after the Queen Bee – even if it is the name of your boyfriend’s Grandma.

3. Being unable to look at a stick of concealer without remembering that makeup look.

4. Crying a little bit each morning that you actually have to get up and work instead of skipping first period for a lie in.

5. Wondering why everyone assumed you’d turn lesbian.

6. Not quite getting the sexual connotation with knee high socks.

7. Wishing you could still wear a uniform instead of having to think about your appearance.

8. Missing the days of only using a Max Factor compact and a pencil eyeliner.

9. Feeling a bit like a rebel that you were on report more than once.

10. Wanting nothing more than being able to see your bezzies every day.

11. Not feeling comfortable wearing a skirt that isn’t rolled up to your belly button.

12. Wondering how you managed to eat the same thing for lunch for 5 years.

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