A Tribute To My Granddad

September 11, 2016

People express themselves in different ways when they are dealing with grief. I have decided to write this poem to hopefully bring comfort to myself and my family, and anyone else who may also be going through a tough time.

Missing you every day x

What is a Granddad?

A Granddad is the someone,
The someone close to heart,
The greatest family member,
Whose been there from the start.

A Granddad is the best of friends,
Who always took your side,
He’d always smile and make you laugh,
When you’d really want to hide.

He’s been there as you’re growing up,
He held you from day one,
He squeezed you hand when you were scared,
He was the sun that shone.

He made your nan so happy,
A special kind of love,
He adored his family, oh so much,
And is watching from above.

His family meant to world to him,
It’s how he made us feel,
We’ll stay together, always close,
To help our hearts to heal.

He may not be here anymore,
But in the sky you’ll see,
The stars that shine from way up high,
And I’ll know that they’re for me.

We’ll miss you every day Granddad,
You’re always in our thoughts,
We know how much you loved us all,
And will forevermore.

And really you’re still with us,
Not in body, but in soul,
You’ll hold our hands through good and bad,
To keep our family whole.

So really what’s a Granddad?
There is no one true way,
To describe the love, that we felt,
On every single day.

So as we say our goodbyes here,
One day again we’ll meet,
So keep it warm up there for us,
And keep our hearts complete.


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