7 Websites To Use To Find Travel Inspiration

December 6, 2022

Sometimes I’m asked where I find some of the more obscure destinations I tend to visit from, or where I get my travel inspiration from in general: The truth is, a lot of the time it comes from seeing someone I know or on social media going to a place that looks out of the ordinary, and sometimes I read specific website to get the wanderlust juices flowing. In today’s blog, I thought it would be a good place to start to introduce you to some of the websites I’ve been finding my travel ideas from over the past few years, which will hopefully help you with your next destination.

Lonely Planet

First and foremost is Lonely Planet for travel inspiration. Probably better known for their books on different destinations around the world, their website definitely isn’t one to pass up if you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience. Not only do they have ultimate guides to places, they also round up the best of the best, as decided by their team of very talented writers. You also have the option of purchasing some of their literature on different places, so it’s a great place to start if you have somewhere in mind.

Trip Scout

I only discovered Trip Scout this year on social media, but I swiftly became a little obsessed with their style of writing. When I go away, I like to have a mixture of a bit of a itinerary as well as a ‘wing it’ attitude, and Trip Scout is definitely a website with some out of the ordinary suggestions of what you can do abroad. They have a lot of foodie recommendations, hotel deals and also information on how to be sustainable when you travel, and is a great place to spend an afternoon scrolling through.

Time Out

Time Out is a classic website for finding out all there is to know about a place – from what the locals say, where to eat and drink and the unmissable things to see and do whilst you are there. I also love using Time Out for things to do in London and Manchester as they update their listings weekly, and there is always something going on in your local city that you might not have known about. They are also really active on social media, so definitely worth a follow if you’re struggling with plans for the weekend.

Jack’s Flight Club

The home of cheap deals and budget destinations, Jack’s Flight Club is a great place to bag a bargain. If you’re not picky about destinations or timings, you can pick up some really good deals to all over the world. Their premise is that they take out the hard work so you can sit back and reap the rewards. They also have a paid model of their website, where you get even better deals and inspirations on a weekly basis – not something I’ve tried myself, but definitely worth the money in my opinion, especially for longer haul places.

Get Your Guide

Although Get Your Guide is more of an activity planner, some of their articles have encouraged me to plan day trips and excursions based on what they have written about them. They also have a ‘Get inspired by’ section which allows readers to plan an itinerary using their suggestions, which really helps if you are visiting somewhere you don’t know too much about.


Skyscanner is my favourite place to search for cheap flights, as not only can you search the entire globe on dates that suit you, but you can also go by the cheapest month if you want a real steal. Their blog is also full of tips and tricks of where to go at particular times of year, and even has deals with specific airlines.

EasyJet Blog

You might not have ever thought about going to an airline for inspiration, their job is mainly to get us there right? But there are some great blogs and inspiration posts on these sites, and the best news is, you know that they fly there if they’re promoting it. My favourite of this type of content is the EasyJet blog which is sure to give you all the inspiration so you leave having booked a flight to one of their destinations – who can blame you!

I hope these have given you inspiration of where you can go on your next trip, and I’d love to know if you have any more that you recommend.

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