Adding The Finishing Touches With Desenio

September 25, 2018

You may remember that towards the end of last year I worked with Scandavanian art brand, Desenio, and this month I was lucky enough to be able to do so again. It’s coming up to 18 months since we officially got the keys to our own home, but there are still little touches that we are doing here and there to make it more homely.

Desenio have been everywhere recently, and have been a favourite of mine for well over a year: I knew as soon as we bought our house that I was going to have prints everywhere – they have so many lovely ones perfect for every room, and today I want to share with you the ones I chose and where we put them in our house.

One thing that I’ve always wanted in our house was a gallery wall – we have a big space where the staircase is where I thought it would look great, so I started searching for the perfect prints to go there. I already had a few that I want incorporating so when they arrived, I lay them out on the bed to get the perfect layout for the wall.

The best thing about Desenio is that they do frames to go with all the different sizes of prints which is something I’ve struggled with before. For the gallery wall, I also wanted to have different coloured frames to make it a bit of a contrast, and a lot of the Pinterest ones that I saved had this too.

The new ones that I chose were the pastell diamond, geometric heart, Alps and birds over lake and the others were ones I bought on my last order. It took me a while to get a layout that we were both fully happy with, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Like the colours of the Alps print, I went for the birds at dusk poster as I loved the blues and pinks. We chose for this one to go in the lounge as it’s quite a plain room. I think out of all of the prints, this one is my favourite because it makes me feel calm and relaxed as soon as I look at it.

I also chose this sprinkles print for the kitchen to go on our new shelves with the cookbooks (I’m hoping it will make me use them more!) I want to start adding in a few more pictures and maybe even a clock to the kitchen, but I really love that I got something pink in there – we also have some

I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how I’ve styled the prints and where they went in the house. And now some exciting news…

The code “eleanorgraceful25” gives 25% off posters* on all of our sites between September 25th and 27th except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters.

Have you ordered from Desenio before? What did you go for?

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