Travel Tips // Enrich Your Knowledge In These Historic Places

April 8, 2018

History is something we like to learn about, and often we need to learn about it – it’s one of my favourite reasons to go abroad. There’s a lot you can do and see in the world, that’s a given, but everywhere has it’s own history, and taking the time to enrich your own life by seeing them is something we get to do so easily nowadays. It’s an incredibly exciting thought, and one you should spend a little more time thinking about when it comes to planning your next trip…

That’s not to say you even have to go far to get your dose of the good stuff; there are so many places within the UK that are steeped in history, but sometimes it’s fun to head a little further afield. There’s so much out there for you to discover, and for anyone who loves the idea of culture and learning where it came from, I’ve rounded up a few places that will hopefully make a great visit.

Virginia, USA


First, let’s head West, and out to the USA – not somewhere known for its vast history, but there is still enough there to sink your teeth into. Virginia was one of the first colonies to be established back in the day, and it’s still around now for people to delve into to find out about modern America’s history. Book yourself a room at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Lynchburg and then head out with your camera or your notebook to take a trip around the monuments here.

You can head out to see Jamestown here, the original settlement that helped Virginia spring to life, and it still exists today. Although it is under archaeological excavations from time to time, there’s plenty of tours you can join to get a real look at all the highlights.

Why not investigate how modern settlers really got to know the land they wanted to live on, and how they interacted with the Native Americans? It’s a history class we really get to hear about in other parts of the world.


I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning my favourite place in the world – Rome – and one that is a little closer to home. I’ve been three times now, and every time I forget how beautiful it is and how stunning the buildings are.

Rome is a city that’s often cited as the centre of the world, and that’s something to take advantage of when you’re planning a culturally rich trip. There’s so much history to see here, you’re never going to want to tear your eyes away from the skyline!

To start off with, you have Vatican City – a country all of its own in technical terms, it’s a place you can explore and delve right into the history of Christianity. Considering it’s one of the most widely practised religions around the world, you already know there’s a lot for you to take in here.

Then you have the Colosseum to see, and that’s something that’s on everyone’s bucket list; it’s a wonder of the world for a reason (and if you’re a Lizzie Maguire fan, it’s not to be missed!) 


Beijing is an ancient wonder in its own right, and that makes it such a popular place with tourists. Not only is it a cultural centre of the modern world, but it’s somewhere you can discover so much from ancient families and civilisations you’ll never see the like of anywhere else.

You can find the Forbidden City here, which was the Imperial Palace up until about 1912. It’s now a museum and is regarded as one of the best in the world to learn about the history of one of the most intriguing countries in the world. 

Have you been to any of these destinations? What did you think? 


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