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August 5, 2017

As a lover of trying new food, Jordan and I celebrated his birthday at The Drop in Chorlton. I really enjoy spicy food, and absolutely love Caribbean cuisine, so it was a welcome change to the places that we usually go.

The only real experience of Caribbean food I have is Turtle Bay and a few different street markets over the years, but what I have tried, I have massively enjoyed.

The Drop is one of those places that you’ve probably driven past, but never taken any notice of: I’d only ever heard of it because it is on the same row of shops as one of my favourite pizza places in Manchester.

It started off in Chorlton, but they recently branched out and opened a second site in Altrincham, which I can’t wait to take a few friends to, because the food was incredible.

When we arrived, the outside of the restaurant was full of al fresco diners, and there was a queue of people by the door (tip – if you want to try this place, 100% book it!)

We were greeted by a very smiley waitress who showed us to our table in the multi-coloured restaurant. We thought we would be able to stretch out because it was a table for four, but once we had put in our drink order, two more people turned up and squeezed in. For a Friday night it was absolutely packed, with people turning up and opting for takeaways because they couldn’t fit anyone else in.

The overall vibe of the restaurant is really chilled, with everyone enjoying the ambiance and each other’s company. There was no couple on their phones, families were laughing and joking, and people were talking to complete strangers because we were all sat so close – that may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy it. There was music playing, but we were able to hear each other no problem (which might be one of the adult remarks I have ever made…)

There was so much choice on the menu that we took a good 10 minutes before we decided what we wanted. In the meantime we had some drinks – a red stripe for Jordan and a cherry amaretto sours for me, which was divine!

We decided to get the Hench Drop Box with jerk chicken and peppered steak (it also comes with dumplings, rice, coleslaw, salad, plantain) with the jerk halloumi main (with the nicest and freshest pomegranate salad) and a side of dumplings because Jordan didn’t think one would be enough (it definitely would have been…)

I thought with the restaurant being busy, the food might have taken a while to come, but it only took about 10 minutes, which is pretty amazing in my eyes.

I’ve eaten a lot of halloumi in my time, but with the jerk glaze and the mango salsa, avocado humous and pumpkin seeds, this was hands down the best halloumi I’ve ever eaten.

The Hench Drop box was also amazing. The chicken was chargrilled and really flavoursome, and the steak was so tender and fell apart. The next time I go I definitely want to try the saltfish with ackee, which is apparently one of their most popular dishes.

If you’ve never had plantain, it’s essentially a ‘cooking banana’ but is used a lot in Caribbean food. The dumplings were a welcome accompaniment to soak up all of the juices from the halloumi and the meat, but they are incredibly filling.

Strangely though, my favourite part of the whole meal was the coleslaw three ways. I’m never a huge fan of coleslaw usually, but the way this was presented, and the ingredients, made it so tasty, and it really helped with the spice of the rest of the dish.

Overall I would highly recommend The Drop, and I can’t wait to go back. The whole meal cost us around £35, which for the amount of food, is definitely worth it. But remember to book!

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