Weekly Love #15

April 17, 2017

Although the weather is back to its usual self of drizzle, wind and arctic temperatures (how British of me to start a post talking about the weather) most of the UK jumped for joy at the fact we’ve had a 4 day weekend!

When you’re at school, Easter weekend usually falls in your Easter break, so it’s somewhat overlooked; however, once you start living for the weekend, having 4 days off work without having to take a holiday is an absolute godsend!

Anyway, weekly loves… and yes, food does feature a lot in this post – so kill me!

1. Boots Order

I treated myself to a few new makeup treats last week, but only picked up the parcel at the start of the week. I find Boots and Superdrug two of those places that you just get sucked in by the offers, and before you know it, you’ve spend £60 and have no idea how it was so easy. As a slight makeup junkie, I always want to try new products so I opted for a Rimmel brow set which I’ve heard is a really good dupe for the Benefit Browzing which I currently use (and under half of the price) and a L’Oreal blusher, which apparently matches the pigments in your skin. The other products our favourites of mine that I had run out of. That’s another thing about being a girl; you have to fork out so much money when everything seems to run out at the same time!

2. Dua Lipa

On Wednesday night, my friend Sophie invited me to see Dua Lipa at the Ritz in Manchester. I hadn’t been to that venue in so long, and it reminded me of all the drunken nights as a student that I had spent there. I was really impressed with how good her voice was live, and the crowd was such a mix of people from kids to older adults. We had a really good dance and sang along all night and it was a great way to spend a Wednesday!

3. Oke Poke

I’d been invited to the launch of Oke Poke on Twitter the week before, and once I heard Hawaiian food, I was very intrigued. I brought Hannah with me (from Hannah Gets Hench, you’ll know her by now!) and we went to try some new cuisine. The restaurant is quite small, on Church Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, but a perfect size to just nip in and grab some lunch or a takeaway. Read my full review here.

4. Old Friends

Whilst we were out on Thursday night, I got a message from my old friend Abi, who now lives in Leeds, saying that she was back in Manchester for the evening and was I about. We met up in West Corner in the Northern Quarter, and went for some drinks to Turtle Bay and then on to Terrace. It was really lovely to catch up with her and her fiancee and hear all about her upcoming wedding and house plans. I decided it’s my turn to go to Leeds next time!

5. Greens

After our Thursday night out, I was feeling slightly worse for wear when I woke up on Friday morning (thank goodness for it being a bank holiday) but as I had organised to go out with my Nan into Didsbury, I knew I had to get my act together. We decided to go to Greens in West Didsbury, which is a vegetarian restaurant owned by Simon Rimmer. We’d been once before when I used to work close by, and I’d always wanted to go back. For a starter we all shared some flatbreads, humous, veggie black pudding and olives, and then for a main I had cheese and leek sausages, with mustard mash and a red wine gravy and it was delicious. It definitely opens your eyes about how much good food can be meat free!

6. Levenshulme Market

Even though we had eaten quite a big lunch on Friday, me and Jordan decided to take a drive to Levenshulme market, where they had an Easter night market on. I’d never been to Levenshulme market before, but I’d heard that it was amazing, and if it involves food, then I’m there. Typically it was chucking it down, but the market itself was quite busy and there were some amazing food stalls. I went for a grilled cheese sandwich with pastrami and sauerkraut and it was delicious. We also got some fudge and Nutella brownies, but obviously I ate them before I took a picture. Oops!

7. Saturday in Manchester

On Saturday it was one of my friend’s stag do’s at Haydock Races, so me and some of the girls decided to go for some lunch and to get our bridesmaids dresses altered. Unfortunately the place was closed for Easter where we getting them done so me and my friend Laura decided to make the most of our free day (and sort of passable beer garden weather) and headed into Manchester. We went to Bar and Grill’s outside terrace (where luckily they had the heaters on) and then on to the Oast House. Afterwards, we had a drink and some food at The Alchemist, which was lovely. I’m definitely a drinks in the day person, especially when you can almost sit outside without catching frostbite!

8. Easter Sunday

After a pretty chilled, chocolate-induced Easter Sunday, I went for dinner with some of my closest and oldest friends. We went to Sigiriya in Hale, which is a Sri Lankan restaurant that I’ve been to once before. I went for Chicken Ceylon, rice and a naan and the food was delicious. We went for a drink afterwards and had a really nice catch up, putting the worlds to right! A lovely way to top off a great weekend.


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